Ashton Kutcher And His Glock On ChatRoulette

In a promo for his new movie “Killers”, Ashton Kutcher has the following video running when connecting to random people on ChatRoulette:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Good to see he has excellent taste in guns. His Glock is definitely a compact model, and by the look of the barrel when it’s pointing at the camera, and the cartridge when he holding it, I’d have to say it’s likely a G23 (.40 caliber).

The gun in the video is likey the one he keeps under his bed, which I blogged about a few days ago HERE.


28 responses to “Ashton Kutcher And His Glock On ChatRoulette”

  1. Steven S. Avatar
    Steven S.

    I was going to say bad finger placement until it went off and I got the point of the video.

    Pretty cool promo if I say so myself.

  2. Phaedrus Avatar

    Hah, reminds me of something I did a while back. A response to all the Numa Numa vids floating around.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha that is pretty awesome.

  3. I’m not sure I’d call tactical tupperware “excellent taste”, but it’s nice to know he’s not a complete moron when it comes to firearms.

  4. Martial-Lol'd Avatar

    He’s not a moron, but regardless of what he is trying to do his finger should not be on the trigger…

    1. you kindof have to have your finger on the trigger to shoot…. atleast the last time i checked.

  5. Martial-Lol’d, did you watch the whole thing?

    1. That’s what I was about to ask

      1. Martial-Lol'd Avatar

        I read it, and I’m aware it’s part of his effort to campaign his movie, but I’m just not really down with that kind of advertisement.

        1. He “shoot” the camera at the end. How are you going to shoot something without placing your finger on the trigger?

  6. Josh G Avatar

    Whose to say it’s a real bullet, and not a snap cap? Even a spent casing, with a new bullet. He might know the Rules pretty well and made sure he did this “the right way” for YouTube, making sure he’s not a story about accidental discharges.

  7. Dannysaysnoo Avatar

    It bugs me that they put so much effort into the start of it, but a camera wouldn’t break like that.

  8. Alejandro Avatar

    Well, I roll with a G25, which I prefer over the Beretta 84FS or the Taurus PT58HC, which members of my direct family own, so yeah, for that specific frame 19/23/25 I do concur he has to have a taste for em…

    Wait a minute, He lives in Kali, right? is the Glock 23 approved for the california rooster?

    hmm…. yes, yes it is so it’s likeley it’s not a propgun, and I kinda see it’s poly-barrel, Heh, I would be amazed to see a rifled aftermarket barrel, indicating that he is either a serious shooter or reloads ammuniton.

  9. DCanoe Avatar

    i remember seeing a billboard ad for killers. The one with the lead actress and kutcher displaying their desert eagles. ashton showed trigger discipline in it, color me surprised.

  10. Four Rules fail.

    1. Fail? He fires the weapon at the end. Since when do you have to adhere to the 4 rules if you’re going to actually shoot?

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  12. Davis F Avatar

    I am unfamiliar with the glock system, but at 0:40 the safety is showing. Anyone know if its on or off?

    He also lifted the gun up way over his head when he “shot” it — a clear indication that it was indeed not a live round — you would brace your arm for a live shot, and you would never snap your arm up like that.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I’m not sure what you are calling the safety on a Glock at 40 seconds. Besides the trigger safety, there are no external safeties like on some other handguns.

      He also lifted the gun up way over his head when he “shot” it — a clear indication that it was indeed not a live round — you would brace your arm for a live shot, and you would never snap your arm up like that.

      Should and would have are two different things. :P If you were not bracing for the shot that’s exactly what would happen if you pulled the trigger.

      1. Davis F Avatar

        If you were not bracing for the shot, the gun would most likely snap up violently and flip out of your hand — I’ve never seen anyone have a gun fly up above their head. Clearly he pulled it up himself. In fact, there probably wasn’t even a blank in there.

        Really, no safety? Again, I have never held a Glock outside of airsoft replica’s, and there is a little switch towards the real of the slide on the guns left side. Maybe I am just thinking of the Glock 18 and it is simply a fire selector. Care to enlighten?

        It also appears that the switch is visible at 0:40 in the video. Do you know what it is?

        1. Davis F Avatar

          Edit: if the gun didn’t flip out of your hand, it would do a “Desert Eagle Girl” like smack in the face.

          1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
            Admin (Mike)

            not likely unless you had it very close to your face, or were 5 years old.

        2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
          Admin (Mike)

          You are over estimating small caliber pistol rounds Davis. A person could not “brace” for shots all day (limpwristing etc..) and nothing huge would happen besides likely some FTF (fail to feeds) and FTE (Fail to Ejects).

          Airsoft it seems takes a creative licence with a lot of replicas. There is no safety switch on glocks… at 40seconds you are seeing the slide release.

          1. Davis F Avatar

            Sometimes the creative license is necessary with gas powered airsoft pistols that can go full auto. If they did not, it would most likely be full or nothing/

            Ok, it probably wont flip out of your hand, I’ll give you that, but the flying up over the head was exaggerated. And in any case, if you watch the video frame by frame, its obvious that its not shooting anything considering the corny flame effect and pre-trigger pull bullet sound.

            1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
              Admin (Mike)

              Are we seriously still talking about this? hahaha

              The most obvious thing that would suggest he did not fire a real shot is the fact that the “shot” he did take put a wimpy hole in the lens glass. If you fired a real gun point blank at a webcam, the video would have gone black and the camera body wold be in hundreds of pieces all over the room.

              1. Davis F Avatar

                Sorry to continue the topic… I was simply trying to prove that he never even fired a blank…

                1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
                  Admin (Mike)

                  hehe no problem, I was just bugging you. Anyone can comment whatever they want, thats what the comments are for!

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