3rd Grader Brings Gun To School And It Goes Off In Desk

Charlotte, NC – It was a very scary situation inside a 3rd Grade classroom at University Meadows Elementary. A gun went off inside a student’s desk, the bullet, missing the 20 or so students in the classroom and hitting a wall.

Full Story – HERE

hahah *sigh* kids will be kids am I right?

Just kidding ;) This kid is going to get into so much shit from his parents and from the school.  Rightfully so, he needs to know that bringing a gun to school isn’t acceptable nowadays.  I’m sure the rest of his life from this point on he will practice proper trigger discipline.  I can imagine his parents will get scrutinzed too considering they are responsible for him obviously.

As you can imagine, I don’t buy the fact that the gun went off on its own.

I just realized that I typed my comment assuming it was a boy that brought the gun to school.  How sexist of me, a little girl is more than capable of doing such a dumb ass thing as well. :P

I was glad to read that all the kids are alright.

Sounds like it’s time to add some Eddie eagle and some Jeff Cooper to the curriculum.


5 responses to “3rd Grader Brings Gun To School And It Goes Off In Desk”

  1. I think your last statement is right on. I’d bet my bottom dollar this kid comes from a house where dad is comfortable with guns but mom is not. Therefore there is a gun in the nightstand but the kid is never supposed to see it, or know about it, and certainly doesn’t have a little buckaroo .22 in the safe. I know 8 is a young age but I am pretty sure it’s possible with almost every 8-year-old to familiarize them with guns and the golden rules regarding them.

    1. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
      Aleksandr Mravinsky

      Dad taught me gun safety and proper techniques when I was eight. Brought down his Ruger 9mm in order to clean it, and showed me how to clean it and taught me Cooper’s safety rules. Guess how many times my gun has gone off without me aiming at what I intend to shoot?

  2. Halo_Storm Avatar

    What I want to know is how the gun went off while in the desk, I can’t imagine anything in a desk being able to pull the trigger hard enough to set it off.

    But in any case, the kid and parents should be severely punished.

  3. Finally found one article that tells it like it is “boy Fires gun” not “gun went off”


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      The article you posted quotes and article in the Charlotte Observer (HERE), which makes no mention to the boy firing the gun… it still says the gun went off by itself. I imagine the aussies just fathomed a guess, the same as what all of us were assuming.