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3 responses to “American Handgunner Magazine – Free Online”

  1. american handgunner is no. 1 magazine no one come closer

  2. raymond moore Avatar
    raymond moore

    For the enjoyment of shooting I purchased a ballester-molina and a 1927 colt systema. Love them both. I have been having trouble finding 11.25mm ammo for them. Can you buy 11.25mm ammo? I do know that it is 45acp. But I have never seen the 11.25mm ammo anywhere. If anyone gripes about to many stories about the m1911a1 then they need to grow up and go away. I have a 9mm and .38 and I choose the .45 over everything. Now granted I am not 21 and as the m1911 was made for young men to use, but I am a descent shot. Keep the 1911 stories coming. As a non-politically correct person I have no interest in government gun control but gun owners need to take better care storing their guns. I would like your magazine to write articles about gun issues like the Nazi idea of gun control and how it relates to what is going on today. Of all the gun magazines out there yours is more reasonable in its reporting and gun wisdom.

  3. Bill Thompson Avatar
    Bill Thompson

    March / April edition on gun rights Mr. Korwin says near the end of the article ( youths with no moral compass from a botched education system) let’s put the blame where it belongs on a botched parental system with no moral compass.