British Sniper Takes Out Five Taliban Insurgents From Over A Mile Away

A few days ago I blogged about the British Army sniper that set a new kill distance record with an Accuracy International L115A3.


Well it looks like the British are breeding Universal soldier types, because today some more impressive shooting was in the UK news:

A British sniper shot dead five Taliban gunmen in just 28 seconds to save the lives of comrades walking into an ambush.

The marksman felled the rebels from more than a mile away as they prepared to attack troops on foot patrol in Afghanistan.

The corporal  –  whose identity cannot be revealed for security reasons  –  has killed a record 37 enemy fighters during a four-month tour of duty.

Full Story – HERE

The phones at Accuracy International are likely ringing off the hook lately.

If I were British I’d  have done this in reaction to the article:


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  1. Wow. You cannot pay for advertising like that.

    Five seconds between shots, at a mile… he almost did not even have time to check to see if the last round hit its target before he had to start worrying about the next one. Considering that the Royal Army is never going to be able to recruit anyone with any pre-existing skills, thanks to the country’s draconian and positively absurd firearm-related laws, they must have one hell of a training regimen.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      +1 absolutely incredible shooting.

  2. rusgunnut1 Avatar

    I’m a Brit, and I agree with the first thing said. We haVe brilliant Dms and Snipers, and the whole army is geared towards marksmanship, what with the SA80A2. Few things make me proud to be a brit and not consider defecting to Switzerland. Except Tea.

  3. I wonder if the phones at Accuracy International are ringing off the hook with people asking, “I have one of your rifles, why the hell can’t I hit anything with it?”

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I LOL’d

  4. That was pure awesomeness. My hat is most definitely off to this rifleman.

  5. Wait a second. Do British snipers only engage targets at the same extremely long distance? The graphic in this story uses 1.54 miles as a reference (it actually says OVER 1.54 miles), and the story says the shot was 1,070 yards beyond the official range. In the previous post about the other absurdly long sniper shot, the maximum range was listed as 4,921 ft (from Tom Irwin, director at Accuracy International). Now, that 4,900 ft + 1,070 yards is 8,131 feet, or 1.54 miles. The previous story about the other sniper listed his distance as 8,120 ft, or 1.54 miles.

    Interesting coincidences? Or maybe the British are having trouble with calculating distances. Maybe it’s that pesky metric to statute conversion. LMAO, maybe these shots were 1.54 KILOMETERS!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha good point Josh.

    2. Actually I think you’ll find that 1.54 miles was referencing the record holder, not this guy. I’m offended that you think that this was a confusion of measurements rather than an intern being told to put a graphic on and getting lazy.

      1. Here’s where reading comprehension becomes important. Has nothing to do with graphics, IN THE STORY it says that he,

        “…felled the gunmen with consecutive bullets even though they were 1,070 yards beyond the official range of his rifle…”

        As I pointed out, in a previous story, the director at Accuracy International stated that the maximum official range of the weapon was 4,921 feet. Follow along closely, I’ll try to go slowly for you. There are 3 feet in one yard, right? 1,070 yards times 3 feet per yard equals 3,210 feet. Still following? That 3,210 feet in excess of the official range, plus the official range is 3,210 + 4,921. That equals 8,131 feet. Right? There are 5,280 in one statue mile. 8,131 feet divided by 5,280 feet per mile = 1.53996 miles.

        If you’re still having trouble I can’t help you, you need a junior high math class and/or a junior high reading comprehension class.

        Still offended?

  6. Mount Avatar

    Give that soldier a pile of medals!

  7. Grayson Avatar

    Frak the frakking medals. Give that marksman AND his platoon a cooler full of Guinness!