Open Carry in California in Peril of Being Outlawed

A heads up for all you Californians who read the blog…

On Wednesday, May 12, the Assembly Appropriations Committee will consider Assembly Bill 1934.

AB1934 is a blatant attack on the self-defense rights of law-abiding Californians.  Simply put, this legislation would outlaw the open carrying of a handgun for self-defense.

Please contact the members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee TODAY and strongly voice your opposition to AB1934.

Also, please contact your Assembly Member in opposition to this bill.  Their contact information can be found here.

Source – NRA-ILA

Hat Tip: Bryce W


5 responses to “Open Carry in California in Peril of Being Outlawed”

  1. Steven S. Avatar
    Steven S.

    If it is in Komifornia then it will come near being passed and once again every law abiding citizen will be screwed with another dumb as hell law.

  2. bryce Avatar

    hope we can stop it
    the thing that sucks it always starts in places like Ca and NY but then it spreads the next thing you know every state is affected by some new gun law

  3. The sad thing? Unless you have a permit (and Kalifornistan is a “may issue” state, so doing so ranges from “asking” in the rural counties, to “completely impossible, even with bribes and connections” in the large cities), open carry in that state is unloaded open carry. You can have a magazine on your person as you carry your firearm, but it cannot be in the firearm.

    For these politicians, the mere sight of a firearm, even an unloaded firearm, is sufficient for them to legislatively abridge the rights of their residents. So glad I abandoned that state to the hell it is crafting for itself.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea sounds like a frustrating place to live. Too bad it spans a good portion of that beautiful coast :(

  4. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
    Aleksandr Mravinsky

    Californians such as myself have mixed feelings. While on its face it seems like a bad thing (and it probably is), it will help us to get either shall-issue concealed carry or loaded open carry post-McDonald, due to the “and bear” part of the 2A.