Breaking Bad and Winchester Black Talon Ammunition

If you aren’t already watching the AMC show Breaking Bad, then you should get caught up. The show is absolutely incredible.  At first I was a bit skeptical, considering one of the main characters “Walt” (played by Bryan Cranston) was previously known to me as the dad on the goofy fox comedy show “Malcolm in the Middle”.  Let me tell you though, his performance in this show as a drug manufacturer / high school teacher does not disappoint.

In the most recent episode ( Season 3, Episode 7 ) a fast talking gun dealer gives a Black Talon bullet by the name of “Black Death” to the Mexican hitmen.  I transcribed the scene the best I could:

I’m runnin’ a special on these little honeys.  JHPs.  Hollow point bullets known by the names as black death.

Check it out.  You like that? So sweet you wanna lick it.

Nickle plated brass casing, Lubalox coat (unintelligible)

Sucker has six ranger claws that expand upon impact.

Shred your (unintelligible) head like a cabbage.

I’m not going describe any more of the episode, because I don’t want to spoil it… you should definitely check the series out!

  • Buy Season 1 and 2 on DVD on Amazon – HERE
  • Hi-def Blue-ray seasons (which I recommend) – HERE and HERE

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16 responses to “Breaking Bad and Winchester Black Talon Ammunition”

  1. Jesse Avatar

    This week’s episode was freaking epic.

    I don’t know what the laws are like in New Mexico but I didn’t understand why they had to go to an illegal gun dealer to get a bullet proof vest.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hehe yea who knows what the deal with vests are there.

    2. Watermonger Avatar

      Well consider that they killed everyone in their wake (except for the gun dealer, probably because he is part of the cartel), they have a very menacing aura about them, and would probably attract unneeded attention with employees, and they were probably trying to avoid leaving a followable trail behind, and no one (or cameras) who witnessed them.

    3. Domimic Avatar

      Here I’m new Mexico no u can buy a armor vest in the store it’s not illegal that was dum they put that in the movie

    4. Domimic Avatar

      I got 2 boxes of. 40 black talons 1 box of 9mm talons bad ass bullet and kicks ass they put it in this breaking bad movie

  2. I have been meaning to watch this show for a while. Looks super good. I think my friend has the first season. I will have to see if I can borrow it from him. And lol at Black Talon being in it.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      The first episode of the first season will blow your mind. After watching it, I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t be hooked.

  3. SPC Fish Avatar
    SPC Fish

    yeah ive been watching it from the beginning but i just now missed an episode. but this last one was pretty epic. i cant wait to see if the brother dies

  4. LMAO Black Talons… I have 100 rounds of that in .45acp, in an ammo can somewhere. Bought it when it first came out. Im thinking its approaching antique status by now.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Ohh yea hold onto those… they are collectors items now. :P

  5. the gun dealer gave the round to the guy he didnt sell it to him.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      oops your’re right. Thanks Adam, I updated the post.

  6. Evil Josh Avatar
    Evil Josh

    Oh yea, I watched this episode twice the other day. Once by myself, and once after my room-mate got home. My room-mate doesn’t normally watch the show, but I told him he’s gotta see this episode. He is now catching up on back episodes.

    This show and Dexter have really surprised me. I am not normally one for Lost or Chuck or Heroes, I mean I don’t mind them, they just don’t pull me in like these.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I’ve gotta start watching Dexter. I have heard good things.

      As much as I like Hayden Panettiere, I lost interest in heroes when it went on one of its “breaks”. Lost just straight pisses me off.. I boycotted that a few seasons in.

      1. Dexter is a definite must. Best show I’ve seen in years. Each season is better than the last.

        The black talons got renamed when someone noisy and stupid said they called them “black” because they were for black people. Some departments took them off their approved carry ammo list, and winchester skipped the coating and called them Rangers so they could sell to those departments again. My dad (LASD) still has some official black talons left over from when they were OK for him to carry. No different from the Rangers. Just as expensive too :)

        1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
          Admin (Mike)

          I thought they were renamed because of their negative press as “cop killers”. I never heard that racial angle until now.