More On Omaha Nebraska Walgreens Concealed Carry Hero Harry James McCullough

The previous article I had on the topic (HERE) had a lot of heated discussion in the comments.

Some new information has surfaced since, including a news conference that Harry James McCullough held with his lawyer:

Seems risky to hold a news conference about such an incident, but I’m sure they had their reasons.  Extremely well spoken individual though.  He definitely represents people that carry a gun for self defense well.

The mother of the dead gunman forgives Harry James McCullough (HERE).  If I was Harry, I’m not sure I’d care either way… but I suppose it was nice of her to say that.

It’s great to hear that the Omaha city prosecutor says there will be no charges filed against Harry James McCullough for allegedly conceal carrying without a permit, because after reviewing the surveillance video the gun was visible at times on McCullough’s right hip. (Source)

I’m glad that Harry can move on with his life. I just hope he doesn’t have to use his gun again soon in some sort of related incident defending his life from retaliation for the life of the gunman.  I hope whoever the dead gunman Marquail Thomas’ friends are, they have enough sense to realize that their friend was a dumbass, and to use his death as a lesson rather than trying to avenge it.


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  1. Bryan S Avatar
    Bryan S

    So he wasnt a concealed carry hero, but an open carry hero?

    Either way, glad to hear he isnt going to jail or being hassled further by the law.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Good point on the title.. but I do have a couple of thoughts…

      If he actually was open carrying I can’t help by wonder why he was cited for concealed carrying in the first place. and why him and his lawyer refused to talk about it on the video.

      The way the article is worded “at times, he could see McCullough’s gun on his right hip” could be taken a few ways. I guess we will probably never know because none of us will probably ever see the surveillance tapes. I don’t know if the prosecutor is being lenient with his decision to not charge McCullough because of the heroic outcome, but either way I am very glad about the decision.

  2. You know its kind of annoying how he’s underappreciated:
    1) He wasn’t thanked
    2) He was going to go to trial for saving other people’s lives
    3) They wanted to take the gun away for him, by proving he was concealed carrying.
    4) They questioned him about the chances of him hitting a bystander
    If anything, it just proves that people have more self control with firearms than the law gives us credit for

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea pretty sad points you mentioned.

      I agree with your last statement too.

  3. Martial-Lol'd Avatar

    I’m disappointed that people can’t imagine carrying on daily consistent basis, either open or concealed. When I was in the states I carried a Leatherman and a (Gerber) Guardian Backup all the time at school (university), I got weird looks, but wasn’t breaking the law. (&) I will go straight back to doing it once I get back.

    I think it’s disgusting that the questions seem slightly hostile. I’m happy he seemed to control himself, but it seems repugnant that [b]he has to defend himself for not being apathetic. [/b]

    1. Martial-Lol'd Avatar

      html doesn’t work :(

    2. Martial-Lol'd Avatar

      “I’m happy he seemed to control himself, but it seems repugnant that he has to defend himself for not being apathetic.
      (sorry for multipost!)

    3. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea, irrational fear about guns or knives in the hands of normal people is getting kind of tiresome. Getting “looks” about a leatherman on your hip is LOL worthy. You should have whipped it out and pinched the pliers in their direction.

  4. “after reviewing the surveillance video the gun was visible at times on McCullough’s right hip.”….there you go, no law broken….

    …I hope some right to carry group sends him a check for the $250 or whatever so he can go get his CCW now….

    1. Bryan S Avatar
      Bryan S

      Wow… $250 to exercise a right. And i thought $25 and a 15 min wait in PA was bad.

    2. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Actually it appears the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association is collecting money to pay for his legal expenses and they already collected enough to buy him a new gun. ( )

  5. Is it just me or his lawyer not as “squared away” as he is?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hehe yea I noticed that too. From my limited experience dealing with lawyers I’d have to say that I have met some eccentric ones which do not fit the stereotypes.

  6. Thank God the defensive round fired “entered the barrel of the shot gun”… Great that this has to be the defense “proving” that the bad guy was DIRECTLY pointing his gun at YOU. That comment twinged my antenna the first time it was said, but after 3 more times, I have to say I’m more than bothered by that. So, is society driving at (hypothetically) If a gun man were to enter a crowed place take no action to save others? But only yourself when the gun is turned on you? This guy reacted and performed flawlessly! I only wish evryone would get on board and stand up for themselves like this guy! Great Job!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I agree, that evidence couldn’t be more perfect!

      I really hope he gets more recognition for what he did. It’s kind of depressing at the end of the video how he basically says no one has really thanked him, and walgreens is just ignoring that the incident ever took place. :(

  7. Walgreens Shooter Avatar
    Walgreens Shooter