Twin Cities Jeweler R.F. Moeller’s Tasteless Advertisement

And boy did they get torn a new one on facebook.

The ad was created by T.D. Mischke, a Minnesota writer, musician, and talk show host, and published without the approval of  R.F. Moeller.  The facebook page contains a couple letter of apologies and backpedaling by both parties.  I supposed they both learned valuable lessons.

The R.F. Moeller website appears to be down.

I have been to their Nicollet Mall and France Ave. loactions numerous times, but I ended up buying my last two watches at Wixon Jewelers because I found the customer service to be far better.


6 responses to “Twin Cities Jeweler R.F. Moeller’s Tasteless Advertisement”

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  2. Yeah, but they said “mooncalf”, which is a very cool word.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hehe yea “mooncalf” is oldschool meets cutting edge

  3. aceshigh Avatar

    I have been doing business with RF Moeller for 40 years and would not consider another jeweler due to their honesty and professionalism. They addressed the Mischke ad and most rational people will move on and judge a business by the way they treat their customers.

  4. Bad Ad agency! No no! Suicide not funny! No! Now get in your kennel!

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