NRA Staying Out Of Firearms Freedom Act Lawsuit

The National Rifle Association has been taking a low profile when it comes to the firearms freedom acts that have been passed by seven state legislatures and spawned a growing legal fight between those states, some gun advocates and the U.S. Justice Department.

The firearms freedom act was first launched last year in the Montana Legislature, pushed by local gun advocates. The law states that guns made and sold within a state’s borders are exempt from federal gun control under Congress’ authority to regulate interstate commerce.

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The states that have enacted the firearms freedom act so far:

  • Montana
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming
  • South Dakota
  • Utah
  • Arizona
  • Tennessee

I previously reported on the Firearms freedom act in the following two posts:

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What are your thoughts?  Are you disappointed that the NRA so far isn’t stepping up?

More info on the Firearms Freedom Act – HERE


6 responses to “NRA Staying Out Of Firearms Freedom Act Lawsuit”

  1. Not disappointed – this isn’t an exercise in gun rights so much as a message from the states that the feds are over the line and should get back on the other side pronto. It’s a response not to federal gun legislation so much as to the Raich decision; but without the complications of the drug war.

  2. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
    Aleksandr Mravinsky

    Marijuana is okay, but heaven forbid anyone make and keep a fully-automatic weapon!

    1. Ian Argent Avatar
      Ian Argent

      Actually; it’s the reverse. The Freedom Act states don’t want the baggage attached to Marijuana, but consider the Raich decision to be (politedly) an affront against state’s rights. rather than muddy the waters by involving MJ, they’re leveraging the gun rights movement into a state’s rights event…

    2. steven Avatar

      is marijuana used to kill people….. please tell me more about how fully auto-automatic weapon is a was to project ur self. because i highly doubt it’s is

      1. CHARLES T DINE Avatar

        The people should not fear government, but the government should have a healthy fear of its people. That’s why auto weapons are necessary. To shoot an oppressive government in the FACE!

  3. Disappointed? Not really. While these bills and legislations are wonderful slaps in the face to the federal government, they are scant more than a silk opera glove being wielded by a two-year-old. Basically, they are a political non-starter from every direction, and while I would love for the NRA to join in in the collective middle finger to the government, it is not going to amount to much.