Segway Sniper Practice

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Pretty awesome idea to use them for training. You know it’s doing a good job of impersonating a walking human when it looks creepy in action.  I wish there was some range I could go to and give that a shot.  I want every one of those RMP (robotic mobility platform) Segways shown in the video.

I’ve been obsessed with the Segway ever since I did a few hour tour of Chicago on them with my dad a few years ago.  I’ll definitely buy one eventually, I’m just waiting for them to come down in price ( I’d like to get one of the more durable models that you can take offroading ).  I think its dumb how some cities ban Segways on their sidewalks, I think mine is one of them.

I’m really surprised not to see more people riding around on them.  Especially in warmer climates where you could ride them all year round, it seems like a viable method of transportation.

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  1. Antibubba Avatar

    I know it’s bizarre, but I had an image of these in Afghanistan, roaming through the hills, topped with mannequins made up to look like OBL and other high-ranking Talibanis.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      That would be awesome.

  2. The Aussie snipers use these with targets as part of their training program

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