When Stupid Helps Crazy – Tennessee Edition

A Johnson City, TN woman couldn’t get her gun to shoot, so she handed it off to a man to cock it for her and then proceeded to fire the weapon several times near multiple victims this weekend, according to a police report.

No injuries were reported in the incident that happened around 9:25 p.m Saturday near 304 Royal Circle. According to a Johnson City Police Department report on the shooting, a woman near this location was in an argument with an unnamed person regarding the recent break-in of her vehicle.

According to the JCPD report, the victims all lived near each other on Royal Circle. Their names and ages are listed below:

Lissie C. Thomas, 31; Nathaniel J. Salter, 31; Paulinene M. Garcia, 25; Dee A. Garcia, 45; Daniel M. Hardy, 22; and Rafael Castillo Castillo-Hernandez, 15.

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I wouldn’t call those 6 people “victims” since no damage was actually done.

I wonder what these two will be charged with? Attempted murder for her?  What for him,  Some sort of accessory charge?

He’s going to be regretting that one for a while, considering all he apparently did was cock the gun.


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  1. *sigh* I try my damnest to buck and fight the stereotypes of “average” Tennesseeans/Appalachians, but then folks go and do this kind of nonsense.

    Discharging a firearm in Tennessee while not hunting is typically a crime, both at the state and local level, with “self-defense” being a positive defense – hopefully something will be made to stick to these two idiots, such that they might learn the idiocy of their ways.

    Unfortunately, I doubt even that would be effective.

  2. I think it’s important to note this girl is only 18. People will be screaming GUN CONTROL!!! She did not obtain the gun legally, because she is too young.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I believe she can possess a handgun at 18.. she just couldn’t have purchased it herself. It would have had to be give to her as a gift or from an inheritance.

  3. I am a LEO, but what crimes are called varies by state. In my state, it would probably be reckless discharge of a firearm (class B or C felony, IIRC), going armed with intent (class D felony), illegally carrying weapons (aggravated misdemeanor), and anything else I could possibly stick on them. His charges will be the same if he knew of her intentions beforehand. Otherwise his charges will be one degree less serious than hers, but still the same named charge. They’re looking at some time in jail, but probably not more than 60 days. Lots of fines, and neither will ever legally be in possession of a gun again. If it sticks. Innocent until proven guilty and all that.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Thanks for the insight DC. Sounds like they both made poor split second decisions that will cost them some money and freedom. Can’t say I feel sorry for them.

  4. Actually I’m the girl in the pictur I’m 20 now 2 kids a job and degree in radiology. A boy was trying to attack me and I tried to shoot the revolver but the safety sticks on the gun and so it wouldn’t. Shoot that’s why he had to fix it then gave it back it was out of self defense and I did get chraged with agravated assault with weapon 6 counts. And I tool a deal for 3 years probation and I have one more year never viated or had any problems. I couldn’t help I was about to get attacked by a man and I felt threatened like wow I think stupid and crazy is a little harsh what about the person trying to beat up a girl where’s he at. Johnson city cops wow lol anyways I hope u guys got a laugh cause I shur did the fact sum~ has enuf time to make this page is obviously enuf said. Anyways I’m married to kids ege degree people do change church everysunday. God bless you people. Bye!!

  5. Wow is all I can say. People mess their lives up by following the wrong paths. Glad she is ok now and hopefully making better decisions. God bless