Squirrels With Guns

These rival the coyote on the tailgate taxidermy specimen I blogged about last month:

If you want one, head over to Rick’s Custom Squirrels.

He also has a number of auctions up on eBay, and judging by his feedback number (currently 1340), a lot of people are in the market for a dead squirrel on their wall!

I thought squirrel taxidermy was something new (shows how much I know about taxidermy), but there are about a dozen books on amazon.  And there even appears to be the same style of mounting kit that is used in some of Rick’s custom squirrels:


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  1. Huh… that URL for Rick’s Custom Squirrels comes back as “expired” only 2 days later – sure it wasn’t typo’d?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Interesting.. you’re right. He must not have paid his hosting fees. It was working when I posted the article.