Michigan Militia Hutaree indicted on conspiracy and weapons charges

The anti-government Hutaree group, which described itself as a ‘Christian warrior’ group, allegedly planned to kill a police officer, then attack others during the funeral.

Source – L.A. Times

Hutaree Militia website – HERE

They have 4 videos up on YouTube (HERE).  For the most part, the videos just look like some average guys having a bit of fun by emulating a military style of dress and training.  There are a couple of things I raised my eyebrows at, one being the burning of the UN flag in the “Huratree Z-01” video.

Taking a look at their website, under the About Us section there are definitely signs of religious fanaticism.  Is there anything threatening though? Definitely not as far as I could see.

I always wonder in situations like this what the actual evidence was that they were planning an attack.  Perhaps someone that was scared of the training they were doing, and the views they have, and decided to try to get them into trouble? Maybe not.. but that definitely seems like a possibility.

If an attack actually will actually be prevented by arresting these people, I applaud a job well done.  Though, if this is a case of a group of people getting into trouble with the law because their views and practices differ from mainstream society, that is very troubling.


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  1. I wish stuff like this wouldn’t make me suspicious of our own government’s motives, but it does. If they posed an actual threat, then I too will be happy that they’ve been taken down.

    It just seems like there are WAY too many references popping up in the MSM to how we face more of a threat from “domestic terrorist” groups than we do from Muslim terrorists from abroad. Seems like groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center are always a little too quick to leap forward and paint everyone who has a publicly aired beef with the government, including all militias, as “hate groups” and “terrorists”. I lost count of how many times the reporters on the news dragged up Timothy McVeigh and trotted him around as a recent example…

    I’m mean, holy crap, the OKC bombing was what… 15 years ago? How many terrorist attacks with ties to foreign muslim extremists have happened since 1995? And I’m supposed to forget about all that just because Larry, Darryl, and his other brother Darryl decided to put up some Youtube videos and talk big in the Michigan woods?

    Stuff like that just kinda smells bad, you know?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Well put Paladin.

  2. This whole thing is fishy. And the SPLC has compiled “patriot lists” by their own admission. Well, I am taking my kid to an appleseed next month. I guess am already classified as a Neo-Confederate by the SPLC for having certain values about big government. I think we should wait until the proof of these charges are proven in court. There seems to be a lot of guilty until proven innocent floating around the internet about this thing.

    I have a friend in LE who when they see a suspected drug dealer, and have no cause to search him, they wait for him to cross the street. Well the Florida law states that a pedestrian must cross at a 90 degree angle when there is no crosswalk. Well, who does that? So there is your cause to stop someone. Now he said they wouldn’t have stopped him if he didn’t look like a dealer so that tells me I shouldn’t be parading around town in my 5.11 pants and boots should the whole “every guy who looks tatical is a potential radical or domestic terrorist” thing comes to fruition. I think this whole story we are reading about should teach OPSEC and the importance of being careful who you talk too.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I hate those “lists”. You guys are going to have a blast at appleseed!

      You’re right, it will be good to wait and see once more evidence in this case materializes.

      Well the Florida law states that a pedestrian must cross at a 90 degree angle when there is no crosswalk.

      Wow that is sneaky.

      I agree, OPSEC is paramount.

  3. not to wear the tin foil, but anybody belonging to any group like this who thinks the email and other web traffic is not being looked at by somebody at some level is just fooling themselves…I would not be surprised if email or other messaging was introduced as evidence based on a previous warrant looking at something like BAFTA violations

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      You’re right. Their website is pretty tame, but who knows what they talk about amongst themselves.

  4. They need to get some hotter women in their group!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      hehe yea. Without knowing for sure, I’d be pretty confident in saying that most militias are probably sausage fests.

  5. I’m with stomp on this one. Definitely need hotter women.

    I’ll withhold all other judgment until we get more information, though to be honest, as a person trying to enter the LE field, I have little sympathy for someone who’s declared themselves my “enemy”.

  6. When was the last time we saw movements against “militias”? Mmmmm….Klinton era? This is nothing but politically inspired, same old rerun.

    The only difference now, is that we have this huge apparatus in place, that is made up of countless agencies that go under the generic term Homeland security. And its total overkill for the purpose that it was originally created, the jihadist type of terrorism that kicked this all off to begin with. So this monstrosity desperately needs a purpose to justify its existence, and the gazillions of dollars it spends. So whats it going to do when you don’t have armies of jihadist storming the borders? Well you turn inward, of course all under the guise of protecting the people.

    The only thing about this story that I am really interested in, is will there be a FBI informant involved in this who had a somewhat disproportionate influence on the arrested? (like the “7 dipsh*ts in a warehouse case”)

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Interesting theory moi. I can’t say I disagree with you.

  7. Aleksandr Mravinsky Avatar
    Aleksandr Mravinsky

    This group was trying to start a civil war, whereas most militias just prepare for one if it happens. Most militias in Michigan didn’t want to work with Hutaree because of their radical views. All I hope is that the real Constitutional Militia’s and the Oath-Keepers don’t get a bad rap because of these crazy people.

  8. Jerome Kavanaugh Avatar
    Jerome Kavanaugh

    I’m a libertarian police officer… (yes, you can be one) I can understand why they raided this “militia” and fear greatly our government will use this as justification for enforcing stricter firearms rules. The media coverage raised one hairy question for me. I’ve been wearing a shield for 29 years and investigated my share of crimes but I NEVER released details like this. So I wonder, who was the givernment trying to convince? The sheeple that these were wolves? Or maybe, and this troubles me, my fellow officers to make CERTAIN these people were captured or stopped… after all the main point repeated over and over was they were going to kill a police officer then attack the funeral full of other officers to start the revolution. Future “controlled” releases of such information will say much about the government’s reason ans role…

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Interesting point on the “release” of the details

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  10. I actually did a documentary film about a group who wound up going to prison based solely on their website. I didn’t agree with their actions, but they weren’t on trial for that but for their website. The basis was that their website could provoke people into doing actions. That opened the door for the big bro to have more license to tell websites to shut down shop if they ‘felt’ they could provoke people into doing radical action.

    I still believe that people make their own choices and actions and the above group may have been a little vocal and didn’t think that there would be some undercover people among their faction.

    Thanks for the post and it definitely gets you thinking whether you believe what this group believes or not. These actions just keep giving the gov more reason to step in.

  11. tailypoe Avatar

    dude, they were obviously set up. The media now admits this openly.
    And what’s wrong with burning the u.n. flag ? They’re a rockefeller-owned and -operated orginization that’s trying to ban all ” small arms “. ….
    the u.n. has been caught injecting ppl with live polio. that’s sp for many undeveloped countries.
    WWII was predicted and anyone in the loop knows it was a rahther convenient way to get the u.n. going and ” unite ” europe … buncha little hitlers who actually funded hitler … ….