Military Mona Lisa

That smirk is because of her 172 confirmed kills:

She even has excellent trigger discipline.

It appears she got issued a left handed M4, which strikes me as odd :P  Does the military issue both right and left handed guns, or are lefties told to suck it up and learn to shoot right?


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  1. As far as I know and experienced over 21 years there are no left handed weapons in general issue, this may be different for those super high speed types that get their weapons bought in very small, specialized lots. But for the common grunt what they hand you is what you use. The AR can be shot left handed as long as you have the brass deflector common since the A1 model is on it. I did without issue other than mag swaps are not as instinctive.

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      Admin (Mike)

      Thanks for the insight Pete.

  2. SPC Fish Avatar

    yeah it is mostly likely an image that has been mirror flipped so that it would line up with the original photo better. but good observation. and ive never seen one in the army. maybe an 18 series operator could probably request one

  3. I never saw a left-handed M4 when I was in the Army. It’s pretty clear that the original picture of the weapon and uniform is flipped along its vertical axis, reversing it like a mirror. The uniform has a flag on the left shoulder pocket, and a unit patch on the right. This would be correct if it were reversed – unit patch on the left shoulder and flag on the right. The flag would be “backward,” but that’s correct for a flag worn on the right shoulder. It looks backward, but is worn that way so the union is always at the front as the soldier advances. Also, the body armor in the picture is reversed. As it’s shown there, the right side of the body armor is overlapping the left in the front. The body armor is like a men’s shirt or jacket – the left side closes over the right.

  4. The only left handed AR currently made are the Stag Arms L models, and they are easily identified as non-photoshop trickery because the dust covers are upside down (they flip up to not interfere with the ping-pong paddle, as the lowers are simply regular lowers with ambi-controls) They are not issued to any military units that I know of (they cost a bit more) and the case deflector on the modern M16 upper is plenty effective to keep empties from nailing a lefty shooter.