Doonesbury Anti Gun Starbucks Comic

Garry Trudeau can shove it…

I never did like that comic.  Plus, he is a few weeks late… It’s not really even topical anymore.

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  1. He has, occasionally and rarely, knocked political commentary right out of the park.

    He has also, repeatedly and consistently, come across as a bleeding idiot.

    Good to know some things never change.

  2. It’s actually been a great deal of fun to watch Trudeau try to remain relevant these days.

    Trudeau- or rather, his team of writers and artists, I’m sure Gary himself hasn’t held the pen since the Reagan Administration- is a lefty satirist. His best work comes- or came, anyway- from skewering his political opposites. In the old days, that meant Nixon, Reagan and HW Bush.

    But today, he just absolutely cannot bring himself to make fun of Obama. Note, for example, how he used to use icons instead of caricatures- Bill Clinton famously hemmed and hawed on a few early decisions, so his icon was a waffle. Bush was- to Trudeau- a warmonger, so his icon was a Roman legionnaires’ helmet, which grew steadily more damaged and threadbare as time progressed.

    But so far, well over a year since the election, there’s not only been no icon for Obama, but there’s been very little reference to him at all. Most of the strips with the ‘president’ in them, are the usual outside-view-of-the-white-house scenes. There was no mention of Van Jones, there’s been no Pelosi or Reid gags, I think Rahm was mentioned once, nothing about Rangel, not a word about Massa, and most interestingly, nothing about the health care bill, the Stimulus, or whatever.

    Instead, Trudeau has focused his sights, so to speak, on Sarah Palin, the abovementioned Starbucks thing, and “tea parties”- everything else is pure, relatively apolitical background character storylines involving Toggle and Alex, the Redfern kid, or Duke and the dictator of Bzerkistan.

    For the past several years, at least once a year Trudeau has simply filled the Sunday strips with the names of Iraq and Afghanistan servicemen KIAs- it’ll be *very* interesting to see whether he does that this year, or next, now that a Democrat is in office.

    I also suspect we won’t see or hear from BD’s friend who was, at last sight- celebrating the election, of course- still stationed in Iraq. We’re downplaying that conflict now, don’tcha know.

    But really, it’s been fun watching a guy that once won a Pulitzer- the first ever for an editorial cartoon- for skewering President Nixon during the Watergate scandals, at such a complete loss the best he can do is make fun of Palin’s accent.


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I quit reading Doonesbury on a regular basis years ago.. Interesting how you say there is no Obama representation.

  3. God, that guy’s a hippy douchbag. Oh yeah, and Iraq is totally over, I’m just going up there on [OPSEC] for a year long vacation.

  4. Martial-Lol'ed Avatar

    DocN, you and everyone else whose posted (include the webmaster), are dead on. I don’t think anything more needs to be said, due to the high probability that most of these types of people (doonesbury, and related) choose to be uneducated. Worse, by choosing that they make things worse for those who choose to be educated.

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  6. I never did like that comic. Plus, he is a few weeks late… It’s not really even topical anymore.

    The only thing I’ll say in Trudeau’s defense is that most newspaper comics need to be submitted at least two weeks in advance, so they often can’t be topical.

    Apart from that, no arguments. The dude’s a douche.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Good point, but even with the 2 week lead time he still would have been coming in at the tail end of this one (compared to when it started at the beginning of February)

  7. Stu Strickler Avatar
    Stu Strickler

    Some people don’t like firearms. Don’t buy or carry them. Gun control has proven to be a huge failure. People who believe in gun control support criminals and the criminals just love them!

  8. Jim Stanley Avatar
    Jim Stanley

    I’m an emergency physician. Lax gun laws cause tens of thousands of gun deaths in the US yearly. Guns owned by careless people or people who have alcohol intoxication are the main culprits. Protect your family and be responsible. Don’t play with guns, they are not toys. If you feel life is so dangerous you must carry an assault weapon even to a coffee shop, get counseling or move to a gated community and stay there. The rest of us have the right to be safe from you.

    1. Bruno Ess Avatar
      Bruno Ess

      sorry, last I checked the “right to be safe” isn’t enumerated in American law… you should probably get counseling or move to a gated community

      1. Every human has the right to feel safe (even if *ahem* some of us know they are not). I believe that this is a God given right just as much as the right to defend yourself. They’re almost the same right, really. To survive, we defend ourselves till we feel safe.

        This works both ways: 1) it means many of us want to carry a firearm but also means 2) many of us fear them. Who is right? Nobody is. Sorry…all humans are different.

        This is why I’m sort of ok with the existence of States like New York so long as there are States like Virginia. We have 50 States…let there be personal choice (provided there *aren’t 100% 2A rights violations*). If you don’t like firearms move to New York. If you want an arsenal, move to Virginia. In my mind, this is the only way to outright prove to one side of the gun rights argument or the other, that gun control does or does not work. It’s the only way we’ll be able to say “See? Told you so. Enjoy the home invasion.”

        My gun politics are sort of down the middle, but, just between us girls, thank God I live in Virginia.

        1. For the record, I do think it sucks that it’s NY and CA that are so anti-gun. Border states or high-probability terrorist targets should be hardened. I live in a county close to a big terrorist target (Washington DC) and, since 9-11, every police officer has an AR-15 in their trunk. Our tax dollars don’t f#ck around.

          I feel for you guys. Stay safe, guys n’ gals.