Shyness Machine Girl – WTF?!

I will never understand the allure of outlandish Japanese movies.

When it comes to ones that have guns in them, I’d like to think this takes the cake… But I’m probably wrong:



Unfortunately there are no English subtitles, but the bad acting should keep you entertained.

The movie has 3 parts total.  The embedded video is part 2, but if you feel you need to see the background story and a conclusion, check out PART1 and PART3.

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7 responses to “Shyness Machine Girl – WTF?!”

  1. The Japanese come up with the weirdest stuff!

  2. I watched this movie on Netflix Watch Instantly. Has subtitles there. It was all kinds of weird. I just checked and it is still available to watch instantly on netflix.

    1. I also saw it on Netflix. We may be the only two people to have watched it. :P

      I viewed it more as a goofy comic book. definitely out there as far as a story. Though I think the bra was cooler than her leg.

      1. No, I saw it too.
        I only admit that because it’s the internet.

        If you think Machine Girl is bad, take a look at Robogeisha. It’s made by the same person and even the buildings bleed buckets of blood.

        1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
          Admin (Mike)

          wow that Robogeisha movie looks pretty weird too LOL

  3. I’m Dumbfounded!..I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. It was like a horrible traffic accident that you just can’t look away from.

  4. Those movies are so cool.. I just put that one on my Netflix instant last month but haven’t been able to sit down and watch much. Some of the Godzilla/ Gojira movies are wierd too.. Still watch them avidly!!