Dynamic Entry Fail


Thank god for good trigger control, on behalf of the guy that got knocked over.  At 15 seconds he muzzle sweeps his entire team before he gets up and joins them.

It was pretty awesome when just as the SUV was driving away to yank the wall off, a lady opened the door, only to have it slam shut and hit the ground with the entire wall a second later.

Thanks to JP for the video!


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  1. I saw that video and a couple of others a while back in an email claiming that they were some type of Mexican police SWAT team. Hilariously incompetent is what I would call it.

    Here we go, found them:


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL both those videos are awesome.

      They pile into those trucks like they are clown cars. I wasn’t expecting the rollover at the end of the 1st video!

  2. The lady that opens the door also almost has her head smashed by the door: Amazing that it didn’t happen.

  3. jajaj is great to see this video again!

  4. Gotta give him credit for bouncing right back up and getting back into whatever action there was to be had – I doubt I would have rebounded quite that fast :).

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I think recovery speed is directly proportional to embarrassment. I slipped on a patch of ice in front of a group of girls once, and I don’t think I ever got up so fast in my life. :P

  5. Alejandro Avatar

    Those are guys in the “swat” video are state police, from Nuevo Leon if I ain’t mistaken.
    The guys on the second vid are Federales, I have no idea why the driver didn’t hitted the brakes.

    Most police forces are untrained, unprepared an generally unequipped, the Federal police is nicely equipped, though, nothing more outstanding that the average U.S. Citizen. I respect most forces except the ones at the municipal level, those are more of a problem than a solution.


    Random video to compensate for the vagueness of this post. an actual Mexican Army on budget training, perhaps to many video games? I don’t know, the back to back seems stupid to me, I think they where using CO2 guns, at some point I see a CO2 discharge.

    1. Alejandro, sir, you are totally wrong. Not even Mexico. It is in Costa Rica. That logo on the bottom left is the “Noticias Repretel – Canal 6”. http://www.repretel.com/canal_6_noticias_repretel/16/3

      That is the “Organismo de Investigacion Judicial”, our Judiciary Police. The team is under command of a judge, who is the one responsible for all the actions regarding the operation. It is done in order to apprehend indivduals required by court, or to gather more evidence. “Los Guido” is a very dangerous part of the Central Valley, where San Jose, the capital is.

      This video was very funny since the she opens the gate and asks “what are you doing?” and after the gate is ripped off and they are comming in she says “and now how am I supposed to fix thwe gate?”

      Here you can see another operation of the OIJ, where they were received by a guy with aupposedly an AK-47, then they said an MP5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8194XD9h2uA The guys in blue are regular police but prepared for riots, they are there to protect the press, judge and OIJ team from local gangs, so they can focus on the main operation only.

      Until a few years ago, isntead of using chains, the would fire a .12 ga slug on the door lock, but a child got killed on one operation, so now only cars are used, or the heavy bars to push open lighter doors.

      1. ohh and Alejandro sir, I AM WRONG, you were talking about the other videos further down, I am sorry….