The Chicago Handgun Ban Challenge – What Will Today’s Outcome Be?

James from HellInAHandBasket points out an awesome article in the Associated Press about today’s challenge to Chicago’s 28 year old handgun ban:

CHICAGO – A couple worries that burglars who tried to break in when the wife was home alone will return. A retiree fears the drug dealers and junkies just outside his window will attempt — again — to steal what he spent a lifetime earning. And a businessman wants to protect himself as he could when he was a police officer.

On Tuesday, the four will take their seats inside the U.S. Supreme Court as their attorneys argue a lawsuit that bears their names: David and Colleen Lawson, Otis McDonald and Adam Orlov.

The four plaintiffs are not stereotypical gun rights advocates. They don’t represent the agenda of any national group or organize rallies. Instead they represent average Chicagoans — the kind of people that opponents of the city’s ban say should be allowed to protect themselves from gun violence.

Full Story – HERE

CNN Showing both sides of the story here:

Full CNN article – HERE

I applaud the kindness of Diane Latiker with her “Kids off the Block” program, I think that is great that those kids have a place to go to escape gun violence.  She supports the handgun ban because she “would rather something be in place then nothing be in place”.  I’d be willing to bet that all those 200+ people that are represented in her memorial did not did at the hands of law abiding citizens.  This is one of those criminals do not care about the law type things, where it’s easy to see that banning handguns in Chicago does not make them any harder for criminals to get.  It is the regular person that needs to protect themselves from the criminals.

Although I don’t live in Chicago, I anxiously await the outcome of McDonald v. Chicago (08-1521).

A repeal of the ban would be a huge Second Amendment victory.


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  1. I really hope the Amendments are still valid to EVERYONE in the country. But we will just have to wait and see…

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  2. I some articles on this on the American Bar Association Journal and Was Street Law Blog and started skimming this:

    but didn’t have time to look over it in detail. From what I read it sounded like the Court was pretty receptive to the idea of extending the second amendment. And to address Yeti’s comment: that’s what this is about – extending the second amendment. It’s not about whether the second amendment is “still valid to EVERYONE in the country” (as in every person); it’s about whether it extends to state and local government, or whether it applies only to federal government restrictions on firearms.

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      Thanks Josh, I’ll have to look through that transcript tomorrow.