Carrying Of Guns Now Allowed In National Parks

As of February 22, visitors can pack heat in any national park from Gates of the Arctic to Everglades, provided they comply with the firearms laws of the park’s home state, according to the new law that was passed as an amendment to credit-card legislation.

The law, passed by Congress in May, reverses 94 years of National Park Service policy that generally allowed visitors to transport unloaded, disassembled weapons in the trunks of their cars. It applies not only to national parks, but also to national wildlife refuges.

Critics, say there are as many potential complications as there are state and local gun laws.

David Barna, a National Park Service spokesman, said park websites are providing some guidance to visitors, but it is the responsibility of each gun owner to understand the laws of the state they are visiting.

“The single biggest threat is the situation that’s going to occur in campgrounds, where you have inexperienced people, who don’t know much about parks, who are out of their element,” Wade said. “You are sleeping under the trees and you hear a noise. You look out of the tent and see a shape and start firing.

I definitely think that is a valid concern, especially when alcohol and camping pretty much go hand in hand.  Hopefully common sense prevails though, because it would be a shame to see a sharp rise in deaths or injuries as a result of less restrictive laws.

Full Story at the L.A. Times – HERE

Anyone have any upcoming winter or summer national park trips planned where you plan on carrying?


9 responses to “Carrying Of Guns Now Allowed In National Parks”

  1. Never stopped.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I assumed you mean concealed then, not open carry.

  2. I feel dirty that it had to be passed as an earmark.

    1. I noticed that yesterday when I first read this. All other aspects of this aside, I don’t like that it’s been piggybacked on a totally unrelated bill.

  3. Daniel Z. Avatar

    “You are sleeping under the trees and you hear a noise. You look out of the tent and see a shape and start firing.”

    You say this is a valid concern? Come on, you are always quoting the 4 rules. “Always be sure of your target and what is behind it.”

    It should NOT be a valid concern

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      If you read or watch the news you would be familiar with the hundreds of stupid things people do with guns every week. I do always quote Jeff Coopers rules because if people were to follow them, a lot of injuries and deaths could be prevented. Sadly people will continue to treat guns like toys and not realize the repercussions of their actions until its too late. So yes.. I think a death or injury is quite possible when you combine alcohol, guns, and camping with someone that is out of their element.

    2. I’d say that’s definitely a valid concern. There’s no shortage of stupid or irresponsible people in this world, and some of them have and carry firearms. It should NOT be a concern, yet it remains one. Hell, carrying a concealed weapon should NOT be necessary. It’s already illegal (and downright rude) for someone to try to rob, rape, or murder you. Those things should NOT be a valid concern, but they are.

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