Lord of War – Intro (The Life of a Bullet)


If you haven’t yet seen this movie, please go buy it (HERE) or rent it!

This is definitely one of the best opening movie scenes ever.  Not only is the camera work and computer graphics work well done, but the choice of song ( Buffalo Springfield – For What It´s Worth ) is absolutely perfect and sets the tone for the rest of the movie.

That song gives me goosebumps… it’s going on my ipod a.s.a.p.


7 responses to “Lord of War – Intro (The Life of a Bullet)”

  1. While the into is fantastic, I would NOT recommend everyone go and buy this movie, it IS entertaining, but the main message of the film is decidedly ANTI-GUN.
    A rental to be sure, but unless you want to own a 127 minute commercial bout the evils of firearms, I wouldn’t buy.


  2. I wouldn’t recommend this movie for the simple fact that it stars Nicolas Cage! Aside from that though I found it to be entertaining. However, I’ve read some articles about the real arms dealer that the movie was supposedly loosely based on, and that’s a more interesting story. The movie focuses on the arms dealing, but the real dealer was a shipping magnate, flying guns into remote parts of the world with his own fleet of surplus aircraft, and after offloading the guns would illegally ship rare goods back. I recall something about rare flowers being a particularly lucrative commodity for him to ship. Quite an interesting story. All of that aside, that is a very cool opening sequence.

  3. Alfonse Dundee Avatar
    Alfonse Dundee

    Oh man! The evil bullet killed a little kid. I didn’t see that one coming.

    More anti-gun propaganda from Hollyweird. Just another assault on American values.

    I’ll skip this film.

    And good God, they need to give that Buffalo Springfield tune a rest already. I know that the old fart lefties in Hollyweird like to groove on it, but seriously, it’s over 40 years old now.

  4. Alejandro Avatar

    I did liked it, now I know where that quote comes from!

    The bad was that the cartridge was formed in a single stamping, against the 7 or 8 steps it usually takes, they didn’t inserted a primer, nor any type of powder that I’m aware off so yeah, it’s a nice proxy, but I liked it. I’ll see if I can rent it around here

    1. I cant say that it is a anti-gun movie.. maybe an anti-arms dealing movie. It wasnt bad, when we rented it a few years ago.

      1. Sorry, replied in the wrong area….

  5. I’d say its more morally gray than anything. It was really entertaining for me and didnt faze my views on gun rights at all