Kelly talks to the women about the Ruger LCP


Yea, she calls a magazine a clip about 5 times… forgivable though in this case because of context.  I’m sure she must have got blasted for it in the comments because she locked them and corrected it in the video captions.   She is definitely pro 2nd Amendment, down to earth, and otherwise fairly knowledgeable about guns, and gun law in her state.

If she started doing more videos on guns (and shooting), I’m sure she could get a huge following.  She seems to be doing pretty well on subscribers just off her makeup videos alone, but adding more gun videos could create a niche that I am not sure yet exists on YouTube.  It might help get some more girls into shooting and guns in general!

You can subscribe to her YouTube page – HERE


13 responses to “Kelly talks to the women about the Ruger LCP”

  1. You’re not fooling anyone —you just think she’s hot.;))

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      ^—- Busted!

  2. Mike, you didn’t accidentally come across this while looking for the latest makeup tips did you?

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      Admin (Mike)

      hahah no but my girlfriend looks at makeup videos on my account, so that is likely why it was in my “recommended for you” list when I logged on. That’s the story I’m sticking with anyway :P

      1. I was getting a mental flash of that scene from “Silence of the Lambs” where Ted Levine is listening to “Goodbye Horses” by Q. Lazzarus and putting lipstick on, asking himself in the mirror, “Would you f##k me? I’d f##k me, I’d f##k me hard.”

        Don’t be a Buffalo Bob, Mike.

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          Admin (Mike)

          LOL classic.

          Whenever I hear that song I also think of this scene from Clerks II:

  3. Well, you have a new follower. I added this blog to my Delicious account and started following you in Twitter. I was happy to see the comments here free from trash talking about that girl’s video. I think that we (long-term gun owners) have a tendency to scare off new gun owners with our I-know-the-secret-handshake-and-you-don’t attitudes…and that goes double if the person in question is female. Way to be classy.

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      Admin (Mike)

      Great to hear Lee! I’m glad to have you. I support everyone that is interested in guns and shooting, no matter what gender. We need everyone we can get to keep our hobby and our freedom alive.

  4. Nice to see a young lady who takes her personally safety seriously. However, besides the clip comments, which are irrelevant, the purse carry does concerning a little. Mostly because she is keeping the tool of self defense in the object the criminal is targeting.

    Seeing she has disabled her comment section on her Youtube account, I hope she reads and thinks about the comment I left here.

    1. Agree w/ the comment about the purse. 9/10 times a purse carry is probably a bad idea. A known fact about the “young lady” is that she often carries on her person, but when she does carry, in the purse, when out in public she almost always has her hand in her purse and on the gun. Might sound crazy to some but vigilant might be a better word.

  5. well about the purse thing, i know its not such a good idea but you put a dress on and tell me where to hide a gun theres not many places and i am thin so its even more hard. I guess i should have said in my video that i do have my hand on my gun with my purse held out in front of me at all times. So i think that is better than just letting it hang there for someone to snatch. and yes i did disable my comments on the video because of the know it all men or the pervs of youtube. Thank you to you guys who have been polite about my video.

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      Admin (Mike)

      Thanks a lot of stopping by!
      I can imagine with the style of clothes girls wear, your carry options are very limited.

      Hope you come back in the future. The guys on here are always very respectable, I haven’t ever had to delete a comment since I started the blog. I know what you mean about those rubes on youtube. The comments seem to get out of hand on pretty much all videos with girls in them.

      Stay safe.

  6. Good job Kelly. More women should arm themselves. I think “pervs” would be much more hesitant to attack women if they thought they had a good chance of getting shot – which is what they deserve.