King, North Carolina – Weekend Alcohol and Firearm Ban

Residents in King were fumed over the weekend after a state of emergency declaration because of bad weather restricted the sale of alcohol and the carrying of firearms in vehicles.

Under North Carolina law, statute 14-288.7 automatically went into effect. And that law which goes into effect when there’s a state of emergency prohibits the transportation, purchase sale and possession of firearms other than on one’s own premises.

HUH? Why?  Any particular reason? such as fear of looting etc..?

“We did find some people on the streets,” May said. “We didn’t take any enforcement actions. We spoke to the people driving and helped them to get to where they needed to be.”

Wow, how noble of them. :roll:

One question on my mind is, how is everyone supposed to find out about this “emergency deceleration”?

My guess is that it’s broadcast on the Radio and on the TV, but since I never listen to the radio and don’t have satellite or cable, how would I find out about it?  In fact, I don’t even currently own a cell phone.  I use the internet for everything.

If there was some snow on the ground and a few fallen trees, and I thought I could make it to where I was going,  I wouldn’t hesitate to go.  Why should I have to consult numerous sources for the O.K.?  If they ever expect these notification systems to even partially work, they need to broadcast the warning across every type of communication device.

That said, no one likes being told what to do.  Especially when it involves having their rights taken away, even temporarily.

I hope that Police Chief Paula May is ready for the:

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