Stupid concealed carry shirt

I am all for concealed carry and open carry.  In my opinion though, if you are concealing it is because you want to retain the element of surprise, and don’t feel the need to advertise to the entire world that you have a handgun on you.  That, or else State law only permits you to carry concealed.

The shirt might as well read: “HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME… I am an attention whore!!!”

I imagine there isn’t a law on the books about advertising the fact you are conceal carrying… but if you go around telling everyone you have a gun, I bet your permit wouldn’t last very long.

If you disagree with me, then by all means blow $27.80 to prove to the world that you are a tool :D


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  1. I don’t know how it works in Texas but in Minnesota we can carry concealed or openly. The entire point of concealed carry is the surprise aspect….which the shirt kind of destroys.

    The shirt may as well read “I’m a stupid attention whore”

  2. Well, to be fair, open carry is 100% illegal in Texas – one of the great oddities of the gun-rights battle. So, I guess, if you wanted to open carry, and lived in that particular state, you could wear this shirt.

    I guess.

  3. Greg Patterson Avatar
    Greg Patterson

    Yes, this is why I always have a loud speaker and a waving flag while I have my gilly suit lying in wait for deer. Oh, not to mention cologne.
    I like concealed carry because it is a surprise to perps but more so, that others around me don’t fan their own flames of the fear of guns and pay attention and stay on the lookout for people who are not law abiding and would do them harm.
    Sorry, grammar was never one of my strengths!

  4. As a previous commenter said, open carry is illegal in Texas (and a few other places). I believe this T-shirt is a political statement, not a tactical one.

    We gain nothing by “staying in the closet” if you will. Political advances come through rocking the boat, encouraging debate and bringing public attention to the issues that are important to us.

    It’s about starting a conversation.

    It is absolutely your right to remain in the closet about defensive firearms use; but, in my humble opinion, it’s the ones who go out on a limb and “expose themselves” to public notice (and, often ridicule), who are doing the work of advancing and expanding public recognition of the gun rights that the rest of us get to enjoy.

    Personally, I prefer to thank them rather than ridicule them.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      You make a good point Sailorcurt. I guess I just don’t like how the shirt comes off as almost arrogant.

      “Yes I am carrying a concealed handgun” … I think making a statement is great, but something like “I support concealed carry” would still have the same effect in notifying the public you support it, but would read a lot more classy.

      1. ProudBahamaMama Avatar

        And the shirt that reads “yes I am beautiful and a bitch” would probably not be considered “classy”, yet thousands of Females wear it as they thumb their noses at the naysayers.

  5. Sailorcurt, to some extent I agree. If you’re going to change minds they need to know about the issue first. But it also has to be in the proper context as well. As Greg points out, some people are going to have a visceral reaction to firearms. This is probably not the best way to broach the subject with them.

  6. Canuckian Avatar

    Actually this might be a great t-shirt for Canada too. As you know, we don’t have neither open nor concealed carry. And having some exposure would hopefully start to change point of view of some people.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      If neither is allowed, wouldn’t a shirt like that get you arrested in Canada? Or at the very least, into a tense confrontation with the police?

  7. Do you remember, for more than the time it takes you to read them, shirts you see that have a “classy”, but unremarkable political statement on them like “I support [insert political cause here]”?

    Most people wouldn’t even notice a statement like that and, if they did, the natural response would be “so what?”

    To get a conversation started, you have to get their attention. Sometimes that takes a little bit of “in your face”. Of course, there’s the chance of offending people who “have a visceral reaction to firearms”, but are those the people we’re really trying to reach in the first place?

    In my experience, people who have a visceral reaction to firearms are not going to be any more receptive to the “classy” statement than the “in your face” one. They tend to be the ones who simply will not look at the issue an any type of objective manner and will object no matter how tactfully it’s approached.

    Basically, those aren’t the people we need to reach and, so, I simply don’t care about upsetting them.

    The people we need to reach are the ones who’ve never really given it much thought one way or another. People who may or may not have any experience with guns, but who don’t already have a pre-conceived and deep seated fear or loathing of guns or gun owners.

    We need to get them on our side, and in order to do that, we need to get them thinking about the issue. If that causes some discomfort amongst the hoplophobes…well…I just have to accept that I have no control over anyone else’s emotions. Some people have visceral reactions to any number of things. That’s something they need to take up with their therapist.

    1. ProudBahamaMama Avatar

      Sailorcurt you make very wise and well thought out points. However, some people will find a way to make ANYTHING negative, it’s simply their nature to find something to complain about. We cannot let their criticism and negativity derail our sense of humor and positivity. After all….it IS just a t-shirt people! (And a damn funny one at that…to those with a sense of humor.) IF YOU DONT LIKE IT FOR “WHATEVER” REASON, MOVE ON YOU PARTY POOPERS!

  8. Henry Bowman Avatar
    Henry Bowman

    To make the politics here crystal clear, in Texas, it is illegal for you even to ACCIDENTALLY reveal the sight of your concealed firearm. The law is, quite frankly, stupid. The shirt, whose message is NOT illegal in Texas, directly engages the stupid prohibtion.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      What about extreme printing through a spandex body suit? Is that allowed? haha :D

      1. ProudBahamaMama Avatar

        LMAO Admin Mike!!

    2. Absolutely wrong. Exposing your handgun when carrying under your CHL is only illegal if you intentionally show the gun. Here’s the law:

      Sec. 46.035. UNLAWFUL CARRYING OF HANDGUN BY LICENSE HOLDER. (a) A license holder commits an offense if the license holder carries a handgun on or about the license holder’s person under the authority of Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code, and intentionally fails to conceal the handgun.

      1. ProudBahamaMama Avatar

        Dear God!!! It’s just a t-shirt Jason! We don’t need all of that law drivel here! IT’S JUST A T-SHIRT for God’s sake!! 🤯

  9. Front of shirt: “Yes, I am carrying a concealed handgun.”

    (proposed) Back of shirt: “But I am also just happy to see you.”

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha :shock:

  10. I was going to have a shirt made that said “perfectly harmless unless attacked”.
    Works for OC or cc or CC.
    Would start conversations, I’m sure.