More on the S&W bribery sting

John Haughey over at OutdoorLife’s Blog has an interesting article on the SHOT show round up of Smith & Wesson lawbreakers.

The article is surprisingly sympathetic.  As you know from my post The Smith & Wesson indictment irony I hardly share John’s sympathy.

From my point of view, what happened at S&W was pure greed.  After a blockbuster year thanks to Obama, they still needed more money, and were willing breaking the law to get more of it.  Without personally knowing the inner workings of S&W, I can say with confidence that they have numerous lawyers, all of which would know better then to say bribery would be a good thing for the company.

I do agree with John on the ridiculousness of  the following:

“Let’s see, at $75,000 a year, it’s $6,250 a month per agent,” he calculates. “$6250 x 30 months = $187,500 per agent. $187,500 x 250 agents = $46,875,000 to arrest 22 people.”

Voila! That’s $46.875 million of your tax money to arrest 22 people, or more than $2.1 million each.

If FBI agents really do make $75k /year and all 250 of them were working solely on this sting, then that is a crazy amount of money.  It would definitely work out to much more than $2.1 million if you factored in expenses besides just their salaries.

I’ll take this opportunity to make the same joke as I did in my last post:

If you are sympathetic towards S&W, buy some handcuffs – HERE :P

Reuters coverage of the S&W SHOT show incident – HERE

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  1. The Genius Avatar
    The Genius

    From someone who knows….

    Go to and see what any Federal Agent – GS 1811 – (Criminal Investigator) makes.

    Click on General Pay Scale on the right side of the page.

    If they’re there at least 10 years they’re grossing over $100K.

    That’s almost any federal LE agency CI, but for sure all the alphabet agencies you know and love.

    I believe the FEEBS go non-competitively to a GS-14. That pay, including locality pay of 19.2 percent for Atlanta, is $101,000.

    That does not include LEAP (Law Enforcement Availability Pay) which would add another 25% to the base salary.

    This puts a Federal Criminal Investigator @ the GS-14 grade making around $125,000.

    How many of us bring home over that kind of change?

    The Government Juggernaut never stops; it only grows larger and more powerful. Meanwhile City and State Governments are looking at furloughing all types of employees from janitors to LEO’s.

    When is the Federal Government’s turn? I say that time is past due.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Awesome info, thanks Genius!