.45 GAP Gen4 Glocks and the Florida Highway Patrol

Recently the Florida Highway Patrol conducted testing for a new duty pistol in Tallahassee, Fla.  One of the pistols they tested was the Gen 4 Glock.  The problem is Glock is only offering the Gen 4 in 9mm and .40 S&W, and FHP wanted a .45.  To secure the contract of “about 3000 pistols,”  Glock agreed to manufacture a special run of Gen 4 pistols chambered in .45 GAP.

I know the “purpose” of the .45 GAP is to have the ballistics of a .45 ACP, but in a smaller volume cartridge.  What’s wrong with .45 ACP though?  or even .40 for that matter?

The standard magazine capacity of the fullsize .45 GAP Glock model 37 is 10 rounds.  The Glock 21 (.45 ACP) standard magazine capacity is 13 rounds. One clear disadvantage of the G37, especially in a law enforcement environment.

According to Jeff Quinn’s article on the G37 at Gunblast.com:

The grip frame dimensions are where the two guns differ, and the smaller size of the model 37 does indeed offer improved ergonomics for those who prefer the feel of the medium frame Glocks. A comparison of the critical dimensions are as follows:

Glock 21 .45 ACP Glock 37 .45 GAP
Magazine Thickness 1.15 inch 0.904 inch
Grip Circumference 7.75 inches 7.375 inches
Grip Thickness 1.292 inches 1.182 inches
Grip Front to Back 2.155 inches 2.08 inches
Trigger Reach 2.938 inches 2.793 inches
Barrel Length 4.605 inches 4.59 inches

Why exactly does Florida need/want the .45 GAP though?  Have they had failures in stopping bad guys with .40 or .45?  Are there a bunch of new officers with small hands?

Coming from the Beretta 96, one would think that Florida Highway Patrol would be used to a large grip circumference, and that a Glock 22 or Glock 21 wouldn’t be hard to get used to.

Maybe is it an Elitism thing, where they want to brag to everyone that Glock custom made them a new model?

I would hate to see the bill for the cost of 3000 custom Glocks.  I’m sure Florida tax payers would also cringe, especially knowing there are at least 2 other perfectly great off the self models that their highway patrol could be carrying.

Maybe someday this .45 GAP cardridge will catch on.  Glock sure pushes it in every issue of Glock Annual.

I definitely have not noticed .45 GAP ammo at any of the gun stores I frequent, though maybe that’s due to the large amount of dust that likely collected on the box, making it unreadable. :P

Full story on Florida’s Gen4 .45 GAP glock purchase over at BlueSheepDog – HERE


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  1. Shootist45 Avatar

    Well, why not one of the new 21SF’s???????

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Exactly! If it’s a slim frame that they are after, then that would definitely do.

      Like I mentioned in the post, I’d be willing to bet its solely and elitism issue. If they were to use the 21SF then they would just be like everyone else.

    2. FloridaGirl Avatar

      I love this new Glock 37GAP!!!!!

  2. RP-in-TX Avatar

    One of the big selling points for the .45 GAP Glocks (other than a smaller grip) is that they are built using the same frame as the 9mm/.40 versions. Most of the internal parts are the same as the Glock 17, and you can use the same holsters. You won’t have any problem finding parts or accessories that would fit them.

    Finding ammo and magazines on the other hand….

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I know what you’re saying about the frame size being the same as the G17.. but I really don’t think there are many holsters/lights/etc… that are not made in both the G21 and the G17 frame sizes. Especially of the brand name accessories any law enforcement outfit would use.

      Maybe they are getting custom ivory and carbon fiber serpa holsters for their custom gen4 G37s :P

      1. RP-in-TX Avatar

        Where can I get one of those holsters for my G19? :-)

        Personally I’d much rather have a 9mm or .40 than a .45 GAP because I like being able to get ammo without having to wait for the UPS truck to drop by.

        1. I bought my Serpa Holster from Gander Mountain bu tthey have them at gun shows and on there website. gander mountain was about the same price as the website though.

  3. Because the 45GAP has much more stopping power! Soldiers have always complained about the 9mm being just strangely super ineffective at stopping anyone! How many you hold vs how many matter! Stopping power vs Wild shooting! compromise! the GAP is awesome! I agree 100percent with them! GAP is tops! Way to go Florida! Mine should be here soon :)!

  4. By the way i love 9’s they are cheap to shoot! Love 40s they have range and stopping power! but for a animal about the size of a human im going with a .45 every time! esp the GAP! Im not nice to those who seek to destory life! and i certaintly am giving them no more advantage than the fact that they started the gamble!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Im not nice to those who seek to destory life! and i certaintly am giving them no more advantage than the fact that they started the gamble!

      Definitely some good rules to live by. Enjoy your new GAP when you get it!

  5. Inaccurate article. FHP is not the first to carry the GAP round or model 37… only first with the Gen 4. To say that FHP purchased for “elitism” is ridiculous. FHP tested the gun and round (along with countless other models AND manufacturers). They were pleased with the results and purchased the model 37… period. Why is this being discussed as a negative?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      How is the article inaccurate? I stated that Glock custom made the FHP 3000 Gen4 G37 pistols.

      Do you work for (or with) the FHP? I’d be interested to know how their gun requirements are so drastically different from any other police force in the United States, that made getting 3000 custom guns a necessity.

      I wrote the article in the manner I did because I think their custom order was a waste of money.

      1. Glock made FHP a great deal in order to gain some market share and add a high profile agency as a reference user of the GAP product. Basically, Glock agreed to take back all the 96G’s in ‘trade’ for the G37s. The cost of new leather wasn’t all that significant and lots of guys needed new leather anyway.

        FHP had to select a new weapon because the 96G is out of production. They tested many and chose the GAP.

        I finished qualifying with the G37 yesterday. Only down sides are Gen 4 grip roughness chafes the hand a bit after a couple hundred rounds, you need a mag loader to fully load the very stiffly sprung mags, and ammo availability/price.

        Up sides: .45 performance and more accurate than my old 96G, especially in the instinctive point and shoot scenarios. The flat slide top of the G37 gives a better sight picture than the curved top of the 96G so target acquisition is quicker. I feel I could make head shots with this gun without hesitation. Not so with my 96G in DA mode. The G37 trigger is a little stiffer than the 96G SA mode, but more consistent. G37 recoil is the same or less than the 96G. Double taps were more consistent with the G37 trigger than with my 96G (DA then SA trigger sequence). The new ‘leather’ is significantly faster than the old leather.

        1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
          Admin (Mike)

          Good to hear some first hand information, thanks a lot AJ. Glad to hear you’re liking the G37.

        2. FloridaGirl Avatar

          I agree with AJ Love the Glock 37

  6. Don’t know what else to say. The gun and round existed prior to FHP purchasing… indicated by the fact that FHP tested the firearm and round prior to purchasing. It was not a “custom” order. As far as the “gun requirements” being drastically different from others… they are CLEARLY not. I guess any time an agency is the first (even though its not the case here) to get some equipment it is elitism? The gun and round were tested and liked… thus purchased. And, as far as the cost to citizens… Glock offered an excellent deal involving FHP’s existing wesapon. The cost was in-line with the other weapons tested. And if you know FHP, you KNOW they did not purchase the most expensive of ANYTHING. Anytime Glock, or any manufacturer, can get a large agency to carry their name, it’s a plus. Also… the entire transaction happened due to Barretta not making the current model carried by FHP anymore.

    Bottom line… FHP made a good decision for their members. I know it’s not the only answer to firearms for police agencies, but it’s a good one.

  7. Thanks for the link back to my site, BlueSheepdog.com. A couple of things that I’ll throw out for consideration.

    Pricing on the Glocks was -extremely- competitive, and while I don’t know the exact numbers involved, I have seen Glock trade agencies new guns for their old ones straight up with no costs to the agency. Glock sees this as a long-term investment in the market, designed to build their brand more than make money on this one transaction. The exact contract should be subject to Florida’s Sunshine Law (open records), and may even be posted on the ‘net.

    FHP has also seen a few lawsuits over the years regarding their gender/physical standards. While these have all been resolved some time ago, I suspect there is an institutional desire to make sure any new equipment purchased will be adaptable to all of their troopers. Hence, an adjustable size grip on the new duty pistol would be a very desirable trait. So, the 21SF may not be desirable to them. Plus the Gen 4 offers a better grip texture.


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Cool, thanks for the info Richard.

  8. I just puchased one of the FHP 96 G’s from Cabella’s. Asking price was $349 and I had a $70 off promotional coupon, a great gun for $280 plus tax. Little holster wear, needed to be cleaned, a great gun at a great price. I already have a 92FS that was a DOJ turn in, so I am accustomed to the weapons operation and handling. Thanks FHP>

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      wow for $280 that is a good deal!

  9. Fltprdude Avatar

    G37 not my first choice but I’ve grown to like it. It sure beats the 96g from beretta.

  10. Mike Byrd Avatar

    On Sept. 2, Director Julie Jones named Trooper Melissa Oman as the 2010 recipient of the Executive
    Director’s Award. Oman earned the award, presented annually, for spearheading FHP’s search for a
    new duty handgun, the GLOCK 37 GAP. Not only did Oman’s team choose a gun that has been well
    received, but they did so at essentially no cost to taxpayers. They traded in the old Beretta pistols for
    the new pistols at no cost to the state, saving of nearly $950,000.

  11. I am glad to see the upgrade to the .45, much better stopping power than the .40’s. Good decision but should have went with Glock 21 Slim Frame instead of .45 Gap.

  12. The Glock 21 Slim Frame is still much larger than the Glock 37. Holding the Glock 37 SF is like holding a brick. The Glock 37 is much better ergonomically.

  13. Holding the Glock 21 SF is like holding a brick, not the 37SF—error in typing!

  14. My agency transitioned fromn the Glock 40 to the 45 GAP. Don’t care for it, personally, miss the added magazine capacity. Ammo and mags hard to find. 40 Cal is about the upper limit for most officers to handle proficiently.

  15. SoonerBoomer Avatar

    What about the guys using 308/7.62 cases in their G37’s? I hear its going viral in the Prepper Community.

  16. Jonathan Strahan Avatar
    Jonathan Strahan

    I am puzzled as to comments left concerning scarcity of 45 GAP ammo. I have visited several gun shops in my area (Florida) and they all have lots in stock.

  17. My dad was a platoon leader in a combat engineer battalion in WWII. He always carried a .45. His comment about the .45 was that someone shot by it went down and didn’t get up. I have smallish hands and the Glock 21 is ridiculously oversized in my hand. Wanting to stay with a .45, following my dad’s advice, I bought a Glock 37. Perfect size. I think law enforcement agencies want something female officers can use. The Gen 4 seems to give a better choice on grip size.

    1. I personally know of a police officer in Florida who survived EIGHT shots from a .45 ACP and killed his attacker. So I no longer buy into the .45 man-stopper bullcrap.