Interesting collection of handgun ammunition

I’d like to see these in a lineup like the recent posts I made on rifle ammo and handgun ammo.

I have absolutely no idea what approximately 80/100 of these are used for.


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  1. Some THV (Très haute vitesse – Very High Speed), Glaser, JHP/FMJ, Crystal or Glass ammo, Blank ammo, many cutted edge. Very interesting collection.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Yea the THV ones are neat.

  2. Many of these look like extremeshock ammo. What do you think the bullet 5th from the left top row is for? or how about the one 3rd from left 3rd from top?

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      You’re right some of them do look like extreme shock. hilarious ad hahah :lol:

      Like Soleo said, the 5th one is THV (Très haute vitesse – Very High Speed).

      I have no idea what the other one you mentioned is.

  3. Soleo,
    those are the ones that caught my attention too. They look machined. Mayby some kind of experimental armor-piercing round?

  4. CinSC:
    It’s a prototype of core-less bullet with high stopping power. It was created near the 1980, but some problems (Loading, penetration, rotation) aborted the project.

  5. That collection belongs to me now. I bought it from the previous owner named Al William. I actually posted a photo of it with a complete chart of what all the cartridges are at I collect specialty pistol-caliber ammunition, and despite my best efforts, I’ve yet to find anyone who is as passionate or who has as much of what I have as far as this type of collection – and I have posted all over the internet and I’m a member of the IAA.

  6. […] was contacted by Matt Collins, the owner of this collection (on a previous post) where I had this picture […]