Why I Like Guns

I like guns for the same reasons I like mechanical watches:

  • They don’t require batteries or cables
  • Their function is simple and fairly easy (most of the time) to troubleshoot
  • They require very little maintenance in order to keep running
  • They can be passed down from generation to generation and still function perfectly
  • They don’t require upgrades or the payment of a monthly fee in order to stay functional
  • You don’t need to buy a new model every year because the one you own is now obsolete
  • They have a certain peacefulness to them

Why do you guys like guns?  Let me know in the comments!


9 responses to “Why I Like Guns”

  1. Because like architectural or engineering works they are beautiful in both form and function. They are amazingly personal in that if you talk to 10 random gun owners/collecters they are likely to have 10 distinct favorites. They are amazingly customizable and can be built or tuned for various roles.

    My attitude with regards to guns is similar to that of many gear heads/car enthusiasts, overall I just plain think guns are neat and love to learn about them.

  2. Josh Smith Avatar
    Josh Smith

    I like guns because there is something special about being able to aim up a target and put a bullet through it. It is the same rush that a guy that bowls and knocks down all 10 pins, the basketball player that can’t miss a shot (no pun intended), the cook who made the perfect roast, the sailor that sailed around the world, or the poker player with a full-house. It is like sitting behind the wheel of a ’69 mustang; the purrr of the engine, the squeal of the tires is no different than the grip of the trigger and thump of the recoil and the rush when you look back at the cloud of smoke is the same as when you see the whole bulls-eye.
    Guns are also a form of expression. Go to a club or range and their will be a wide variety of taste. Some guys like rifles, while others prefer pistols. Some guys like to do it old school and muzzle load, while others want the full-auto variety. You can spend hours debating who is wrong and who is right (I personally think the muzzle loader guys are stuck behind the times), but at the end of the day, you all of a common bond and mutual respect.

  3. I like guns because:

    they are precise

    they are mechanical

    they make BOOM!

    they are dangerous

    they help protect me and mine

    they are fun to take apart (and put back together)

    they can be had for relatively little money


    etc. etc. …


  4. Ishtacka Avatar

    I like guns because they are something that still makes sense. Gone are the days that you can buy a car and just tinker all day. So now, guns are my mechanical love.

    Also, with practice comes ability. With ability comes pleasure and assurance.


  5. Admin (Mike) Avatar
    Admin (Mike)

    Interesting responses guys! Keep em coming!

  6. Becase I’m 66 years old and have one knee left.

  7. The Deacon Avatar
    The Deacon

    This guy says it all here.


    Makes sense to me.

    Besides, I’ve been carrying a sidearm of one kind or another for almost 25 years. It’s like a watch or wallet, habit to pick it up and put it on. And I like to target shoot. For something so noisy, messy(cleaning), and physically stressful (large bore recoil) It’s fun and strangely relaxing. Kind of like another loud, messy and physical activity.

  8. I like guns because if I buy one today, the same model 5 or 10 years from now will still look nearly identical. It won’t need to be redesigned into something unrecognizable every couple of years like a car… And it won’t have depreciated down to almost nothing!

    When I look at my list of household items, TV’s, computers, etc, the few firearms I have are the only things on the list that won’t be worn out or outdated and worthless in 10 years! Well, those and my guitars.

  9. After spending lots of time with computers, where stuff happens simply with electric currents and magic, guns are amazing to me. Their mechanical functions are so interesting to think about.