CornerShot Kitty

What you are looking at is a weapon platform that can shoot around corners with the aid of a hinged receiver, video camera, and monitor.  This particular model is fitted with a stuffed cat in order to disguise it as a weapon.

Check out the YouTube video:

AR-15 pistol, 40mm grenade launcher, and Glock corner shots are also available.

I’m not saying the CornerShot isn’t cool.. because it definitely is.  It wouldn’t have much utility for the recreational shooter, and judging by the price tag ($7000 – $7500 according to an article on their site) I doubt there are too many out there that would buy one for fun.

CornerShot website – HERE

Hat Tip: Theo Spark


6 responses to “CornerShot Kitty”

  1. This may be in poor taste, but here goes…


    “I don’t see any cops or soldiers out there, just a cute little kitty by the fence.”

    “A kitty? Where?”

    “Over there by the fe-” *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* *BANG*

    *THUD*…. *THUMP*

    “O.K., move in. We’re done here.”

    “Ah, one moment please, Agent Bauer.”
    “Yes, sir?”
    “Damnit, Jack, is there ANY dirty trick you won’t use on bad guys?!!”
    “Only the ones I havn’t yet invented, sir.”

    Have a nice day…before someone like me shows up.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL nice one Grayson.

      As the saying goes “the only good terrorist is a dead one”.

  2. This will get a lot of cats killed…

    Oh well – whatever it takes! :D

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha true enough :P

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