University of Arizona Campus Weapon Sign

I listened in on the Dean’s meeting with the sign people, here is the transcript:

Dean: We need a sign saying this is a weapon free zone

Sign People: What do you want on it?

Dean: I have 3 requests… 1) No bowie knives 2) No snub nosed revolvers 3) No nunchucks

Hat Tip: ShoulderThing


8 responses to “University of Arizona Campus Weapon Sign”

  1. I should read “free fire zone” or “no legal guns allowed” or “all honest students must be disarmed” or “weapons optional for criminals”.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I agree Jason. All the anti gun people would scoff at the idea of a sign like that though because they actually think these types of signs work.

  2. I thought the last one was no jumpropes…

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha yea no kidding. Recent data suggests that strangulation by jump rope is an epidemic in U.S. universities when it comes to on campus violence.

  3. Henry Bowman Avatar
    Henry Bowman

    I thought it meant “no fault-tolerant dynamite.”

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      lol good one henry

  4. Look at the sign more closely. Fine print on bottom edge. “Weapon free zone…..In violation of state law…”. FUNNY!!!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      haha nice!

      It’s unfortunate that below that cutoff portion likely says something about the sign encompassing everything described in that AZ legislature 13-3101 :(