Sad end to a Browning Auto-5’s life

Hopefully the man behind the trigger ends up being alright.

According to the article, officials say a hand loaded shell may be to blame.  My additional theories include the cartridge firing out of battery, or else an obstruction in the barrel very close to the receiver.

This is what the receiver is supposed to look like:

Link to news article – HERE

More about the Browning Auto-5 – HERE

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13 responses to “Sad end to a Browning Auto-5’s life”

  1. Damn… that’s heartbreaking. The Browning A5 has been on my wishlist for a long time. I never seem to get around to picking one up.

  2. marc71 Avatar

    an improperly hand-loaded shell be to blame.
    to break a A5 have to be an ANIMAL

  3. Angel Brumsey Avatar
    Angel Brumsey

    Nice website man Thanks

  4. keith hughes Avatar
    keith hughes

    I have a browning auto-5 light model 12 gauge.can i buy a full turkey choke for it?Not sure what year it was made, but my father gave it to me.It has a 28″ barrel and no recoil pad.

  5. oh my god i cant imangine what hey had loaded in this because i have an auto-5 and it was built like a tank its been thourgh the abuse of 3 generations with some fishy hand loads and still runs like a champ!!!

  6. That is a Remington Sportsman not a Browning A5

  7. Yeppers. That is a Remington Sportsman. Two screws ahead of trigger on the bottom of the receiver are the tell tale.

  8. Christopher R. Avatar
    Christopher R.

    The gun looks old, my understanding is that it’s not a good idea to use modern ammunition in older shotguns. Maybe that was the problem?

  9. That’s not a Browning that is a Remington sportsman

  10. A5’s 720’s and Model 11’s can’t fire out of battery, the firing pin will not move forward until the bolt locks up.

  11. An improperly hand-loaded shell can break any gun.
    The A5 is a very good firearm.

  12. Jizzy pop Avatar

    Since everyone is saying it I’m gonna say it too:
    Hey that’s not a A5 that’s a Remington Sportsman.

  13. Skankhunt42 Avatar

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