Jesus kills Santa with a shotgun?

Staring down the barrel of Jesus’ shotgun…

Nipomo, CA – The display is of Jesus and Santa, the two icons of Christmas.  However, Jesus is holding a shotgun over the dead body of Santa Claus.

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6 responses to “Jesus kills Santa with a shotgun?”

  1. Duke & Banner Avatar
    Duke & Banner

    How long will it be before he posts a scene showing Jesus gunning down Homos? It’s all in his wonderful religion.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      According to google maps Nipomo is about a 4hour drive from San Francisco, so that might be a risky move. :lol:

    2. rodney stewart Avatar
      rodney stewart

      poor sick humans,hate Jesus because he is the light and you live under demonic bondage from your sins.go look at some porn,tatoo your body and reinfoce your spiritual cancer to stay where the demons want you blind lost and full of hate for what could wake and save you.Once they deceive you with their ufo technology and tell the lie that there is no GOD that is the begining of the nwo aka tribulation.The nwo last 7 years then armageddon…let the natural selection take place

  2. Photo Junky Avatar
    Photo Junky

    HaHa.. I live one block from that dude.. I went to take a pic last night and dude took it down already… It was actually pretty cool!! LOL.. I know its offensive to many people… but also pretty darn creative!!! Wish I woulda got the pic!!!


    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      The video says he takes it down at night (to prevent vandalism I imagine). You should check back during the day!

      1. Photo Junky Avatar
        Photo Junky

        Ha!! No he didn’t take it down at night… He has it down perm now… He probably got harassed! I’ve been checking.. That sucks tho… Wish I had a pic! Im a photographer… thats why!! Im still gonna keep checking!!