Terrorists don’t register their weapons – Fort Benning GA

According to AR15.com member FREEFALLE7 this is a real sign at Fort Benning Georgia:


Wait, is there a Fort Benning in a province called Georgia in Canada?

Oh never mind… I guess gun registration is now mandatory here in the U.S.  too, especially on Army posts. :roll:

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  1. Bill C-391, which will abolish our long gun registry, passed second reading in the House of Commons on November 4th. Barring an election, Canada’s long gun registry is going to be scrapped and the records destroyed in about a year, give or take.

    You’d think that the US Army would have learned from the failure of our registry…

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      Admin (Mike)

      Isn’t the handgun and black rifles registry the biggest pain in Canada for recreational shooters? I was under the impression that the long gun registry was a joke, and not really any inconvenience to begin with.

  2. You’re right, sounds like Canada. Ridiculous.

  3. Weapons registeration is ONLY mandatory IF:
    1: you live on a federal military installation..ie..on past housin or in the barracks. if you live in the Barracks on an Army installation, you are required, by AR 190-11 and post regulations to keep your privately owned weapons stored in the unit armsroom, NOT in your barracks room. And having lived in Army barracks, with drunk, young brand new soldiers…Im all for this. I have seen..err..been part of stupid shenagins and fights. access to weapons in barracks room=bad iead, even worse now after 11 years of straight deployments. If you live on post housing, you are required to register so that the unit Chain of command and the MPs know that you have weapons in cae of ANY domestic violence or other incidents…
    2: If you live off-post and plan to bring your weapons onto post for hunting, target shooting, or use of any ranges available for private weapon use.

    Unit chain of command are prohibited from maintaining any type of list of privately owned weapons that are stored in on post housing or off post housing. the only list of Privately owned weapons that can be maintained is if the weapons are stored in the unit armsroom. AGAIN… that is for a list.. different from the manadatory registry that the MP office must have..
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    SSG Ryan Hey
    Fort Benning.