Hiding Guns In Your House – A review of some options

Hidden in plain sight

I had a DIY (Do It Yourself) post a couple of weeks ago called Hide a gun in a book where it showed how to hollow out a space in a book to hide a gun.

SayUncle Blog had a couple new links up regarding hiding guns in special picture frames (which I review in option #6).

I found a lot of new ways for creative gun hiding places which I will critique below. All the prices listed are subject to change.

1) Octagon Gun Clock – $40


Awful thick for a clock.  Also, it looks pretty plain, so depending on how nice your house is it may not work with the decor.  Clocks are generally high up on the wall, so getting the gun quickly might require getting a chair over to where the clock is.  If you really don’t want to fool anyone with your gun clock, keep it at chest height for easy gun access.

2) Mantle Gun Clock – $35



Looks like a good thickness for a mantle clock, so no problem there.  The one real problem I have again with this one is that if it doesn’t match your decor then its going to look out of place.

3) Steel In-Wall Safe (Handgun size) – $29


These in-wall safes are definitely cooler then the previous options because you can put ANYTHING infront of them to hide the fact you have guns in there.  It also has the added advantage that it is lockable.  The one major disadvantage to this is that you have to saw a hole in your wall to put it in, and it needs to be between 2 studs in order to be secured properly.

4) Steel In-Wall Safe (Rifle size) – $120


Pretty much the same thoughts here as on the handgun safe.  One big CON though.. this safe is only 3.75″ deep so that really limits the type of rifle you can put in here.  Forget putting your loaded M14 or AR-15 in this one, you probably need to stick to the hunting rifles and/or shotguns.

5) Biometric In-Wall Vault – $329


Definitely the most “James Bond” of all.  You can dazzle your friends by swiping your finger and then having instant access to your guns and money.  You have to saw a hole in your wall again to mount this one, and another disadvantage is that it needs batteries to run the biometrics.

6) Hideagun.net specializes in two types of hiding places

a) Small (for handguns) – $80


b) Large (for numerous handguns and/or rifles) – $350


The pictures are WAY too thick to pass as normal.  People are not used to seeing 4 inch thick wooden frames on regular pictures, and they will call you on it.  A better picture for the job would be a canvas art print where the canvas is stretched around the sides and is supposed to be thick, so people won’t even notice.  One plus is that picture level is about the perfect height to keep your guns away from kids, while at the same time maintaining easy access to them.  This company’s offering seems very pricey compared to the previous comparable options.

7) Remote Controlled Picture Frame Wall Vault – $480


The fact that your open it by punching a code into a remote control (an RF (radio frequency) one at that!) defintiely earns some points in my book.  A negative aspect is that it is supposed to look like a innocuous framed picture, and just like the previous option it is WAY too thick.  It must be damn good quality though, because it is listed as weighing 55 lbs.

.8) In-Floor Safe – $130

Pretty interesting option.  Since it is long and narrow it will definitely be harder to get your guns in and out of.  Plus being down at floor level will make it less convenient if you need it in a hurry.  Since it needs to go down into a floor, putting it in your cement basement is out of the question, it will need to go on one of your above ground floors.  This one would definitely be easy to hide, seeing as you could put pretty much anything over top of it and no one would suspect anything.  Sentry is known for their quality so I’m sure this would not disappoint if its an in-floor safe you’re looking for.

Thanks for reading!  Leave comments if I left anything interesting out.


13 responses to “Hiding Guns In Your House – A review of some options”

  1. I have the steel in-wall gun safe (#4 on the list) and you can put a fair amount in it with a little modification. Before installing it I put in three steel hooks staggered near the top. I drilled small holes and bolted on coat-hanging type hooks. Each holds a handgun hanging from the trigger guard. I also have an AK, a CETME, and a Marlin lever action in there. The AK and CETME fit fine by removing the plastic spacer bar and putting them in sideways (and without magazines).

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Nice! Good to hear first hand what it can actually fit. I like your idea of adding extra support too (with the steel hooks) just in case. Thanks RP.

  2. Sarge USMC Avatar
    Sarge USMC

    These all sound fine to me but all have the same probelm. If everything is hidden – how are you suppossed to get to it when some illegal bastard or druggie breaks into your house ?? None of these are quick and easy which is why my guns are in strategic places throughout the house where my wife and I can get to them RIGHT NOW !!

  3. Garrett Winn Avatar
    Garrett Winn

    How do I order a clock?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Hi Garrett, you can click the red title link for the clock you want and place your order over at Amazon.

  4. Carl Westerfield Avatar
    Carl Westerfield

    I would like to purchase one of the clocks. Is there a phone number or webb address to e-mail

  5. Paul Fournier Avatar
    Paul Fournier

    As for the picture frame wall safe, it is actually framed INTO the wall, so the picture frame sits flush. You cannot tell it isn’t a standard frame, and you can put in any picture you’d like. also, you do no punch in a code, but just press the button on a remote, similar to a car remote and the door slides open.

  6. The mantle clock is by far the sneakiest, Although the In wall gun safes are always the most practical. Plus they have a few options available on the market, such as the rifle case you’ve noted. Great options here!

  7. Allen hecht Avatar
    Allen hecht

    I prefer to keep one on my hip at all times. It’s ALWAYS close and accessible

  8. A lot of fine ideas; but if you and I are reading these; what do you believe is in the Fed’s notebooks? Use bits and pieces of many and build your own method.

  9. Thank you for sharing this great information about guns and hiding