Cadillac One – The Obamobile

Wow.. this is a SERIOUS vehicle.  Not that I’m really surprised:


Defense Accessories:
Equipped with night vision cameras and pump action shotguns.  Also armed with tear gas cannons.

That’s what I’m talking about!  I wonder if Obama is surgical with that shotgun or what?  Those definitely would have been some top secret training visits to the range if he is.

This is how the actual vehicle looks, for those that don’t know:


Hat Tip: Knockin On History’s Door Blog


2 responses to “Cadillac One – The Obamobile”

  1. That’s not even taking into account the black SUV’s rocking M134 Turrets in the Presidential convoy. SIIICK

    I can’t find it but I’ve seen the clip with narration that states that those beasts fire freakingpoison tipped bullets. You’d have to have a few tanks at your disposal if you wanted to take the President out.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      LOL pat… Everything about that SUV machine gun video is epic!

      I’d like to see that poison tipped bullet link if you come across it, sounds pretty awesome.