Open carry in CA looks like a pain

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I like the saying: “Never invite “the man” into your life”

Although I believe that is sage advice in most cases, I admire what those California residents are doing, despite being constantly harassed.

The police in the videos are all VERY nice, ill give them that.  I wonder if they would be so nice if they were not being video taped?  I hope so.

The person in the videos “David Julian” is a perfect example of how people that O.C. should behave when confronted by the police.  He knows the law, keeps his cool, and is very polite.  I hope that when he gets regularly stopped for those “checks” a number of curious anti gun people flock around and take notice of how the situation is handled, and maybe learn a thing or two.

If you don’t exercise your rights, there is a good chance they will be taken away.  This has been proven over and over.

More videos on YouTube user Badace’s (David Julian) channel – HERE

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11 responses to “Open carry in CA looks like a pain”

  1. MArtin Ziac Avatar
    MArtin Ziac

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for the US Constitution and believe we have a right to exercise our rights BUT, David Julian is a perfect example of the kid that was bullied all his life and now finds his “manhood” by “open carrying” an unloaded (useless) weapon. When the reporter asked him why he “open carries” Mr. Julian said people will be more polite and less likely to curse at those that are open carrying. When the reporter pressed further Mr. Julian stated that perhaps those of us in the general public would show him “respect.” Somethings rotten in the state of Denmark when dweebs that are trying to make their own respect by carrying weapons as a way of intimidating others. Mr. Julian has a rude awakening ahead of him. I hope he doesn’t hurt himself or other INNOCENT members of the general public with his reckless attitude.

    For all the other “open carry” members, I hope you all exercise good judgement while doing the same with your rights. The right to open carry is a right that comes with it a huge amount of responsibility. From what I’ve seen, most OC’ers seem to be responsible individuals while others that crave media and police attention by constantly appearing on TV or posting Youtube videos of those confrontations are the ones that we should all be afraid of. It’s just a matter of time before they hurt an innocent bystander. Mark my words, it’s only a matter of time.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Do you know David Julian? Or are you just making an assumption?

      I agree with you that the “(open carry) Increases the level of politeness … people are less likely to yell obscenties at you if you are armed” was kind of odd.

      I highly doubt that his “reckless” attitude as you call it is any danger to the public. He seems like a perfectly normal 20something year old man. I just hope if he ever needed to use his gun he would be able to pop in that fresh magazine and load it in time.

      Why do you think that ” It’s just a matter of time before they (OC’ers) hurt an innocent bystander.” ???? How is not doing anything but legally carrying a unloaded gun going to hurt anyone?

  2. Stu Strickler Avatar
    Stu Strickler

    People who open carry in California are trying to make a statement about the unfair laws in the state. If California let their law abiding citizens get a concealed carry permit like most of the other states, few people would carry openly. Some counties issue carry permits others don’t. It’s a political thing. Some Sheriffs are smart enough to let the their citizens carry firearms for personal protection, others are not.
    California has dozens of pages of worthless gun control laws has have done absolutely nothing to reduce crime. When will the legislature wake up and realize that their laws are nothing but feel good eye wash?
    No Sheriff should be allowed the power to decide who gets to defend themselves and who does not!

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      I totally agree Stu. It seems like more often than not it is just a power trip for law enforcement. They already legally carry their gun everyday, so letting everyone else do it doesn’t make them so elite anymore. They don’t see the benefits associated with letting law abiding citizens carry a gun. Pretty sad, considering a lot of deaths could have been prevented.

  3. Hankster58 Avatar

    MArtin ziac ….. that question is kind of hard to answer “on the spot” knowing some PC guy such as yourself is going to attack him (verbally, as you did here) anyway…. you want to know about the “respect” part of his comment?? You get mugged, robbed at knife or gunpoint, wounded or even KILLED by some street thug or gang banger…. YOU didn’t get any “respect” from the perp, as a Human being..or ANYTHING! You’re just a thing, a means to an end to a “person” like that.
    Now… you are walking down the left side of the street…. David Julian is walking down the right. Joe the Mugger is in the middle of the street, looking for some easy money. He looks both left and right. Now YOU get mugged… or maybe WORSE!! Why YOU?!?!?! Because he “respected”(or was just smart enough to know this guy isn’t a pushover) Davids ability to defend himself, and decided to go for easier pickings.. mainly, YOU!! THAT’s the difference.. also he is correct!! The police have NO LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to protect YOU! NONE!! See “Warren v.s. District of Columbia” for more on that case.. and it’s meanings as it applies to YOU!! Cops are nothing more than required to fill out a report and toe-tag you AFTER you are a victim…no other things are “required” of them in respect to “protecting” you.. don’t believe it?? Ask a COP!! Wake up…..Stu gets it…… why don’t you??

  4. MArtin Ziac Avatar
    MArtin Ziac

    Well, “Hankster58”, relax! Take a deep breath and pour yourself a cup of decaf! Please tell me you’re not OC’ing a weapon with such an attitude!

    I can appreciate you coming to the defense of Mr. Julian although I am a bit perplexed as to the rant you went on in doing so without commenting on what I actually said. If Mr. Julian has a difficult time in answering a reporter’s question “on the spot” (as you called it), then perhaps he has no business in being from of a reporter’s camera in the first place. I think you need to watch the clip again as it was obvious to all in the room I viewed it that the mere carrying of a weapon made him feel respected. Sorry, but it was a little creepy. But you can believe what you want, it’s a free country.

    As for ANYONE being able to fend off a violent attack in your scenario, (using your one on the left side of the street, one on the right and suspect down the middle of the street fantasy) that too was a bit peculiar as a seasoned criminal would not alert you to his intentions until he was close enough to you that you couldn’t run or take action in the first place. You’re living in a fantasy world if you think you or any other of your OC brethren would be able to defend YOURSELF from violent attack when SURPRISED by the actions of the criminal in the first place. If we were all able to plan and foresee the criminal’s actions prior to him/her taking them there wouldn’t be a need for any weapons, but I digress.

    I will agree that should an OC participant see a crime occuring from a distance and be able to load their weapon in time to react they MAY be of help, but all of the OC people I’ve spoken with to a person have stated they carry their UNLOADED weapons for SELF DEFENSE. There is not ONE OC person that could load and use their weapon in time to assist in their own self defense should a suspect accost them with a deadly weapon.

    I guarantee you, “Hankster58”, that should I come up to you in line at an ATM and put a knife or gun to your back you’re going to give me the maximum amount your bank allows you to withdraw for the day AND I’m going to take your nice UNLOADED firearm as well. NOT because I patted you down and realized you had your gun, but because you were wearing it in the OPEN for me to see and I decided I wanted it KNOWING, or pretty much being assured, it was unloaded as only an OC member would carry it like that! I have NO problem with OC members exercising their rights, just don’t say you’re carrying an unloaed weapon for self defense. It’s a USELESS tool for self defense. Defense of others would be a more correct term and one that could be used to those that were properly trained (and swore an oath to do) arrive to pick up the pieces or clean up the mess.

  5. Martin Ziac Avatar
    Martin Ziac

    By the way…….this was posted at the top of the webpage….”If you don’t exercise your rights, there is a good chance they will be taken away. This has been proven over and over.”

    I’m afraid, because of all the publicity of the OC movement, that it’s only a matter of time before our idiots in the legislature are going to make a move to limit the ability to OC in the first place. Brilliant move OC people! Instead of exercising your right by simply carrying your weapons you had to go to the media and alert the 99% of our communities that had no idea the right existed in the first place so NOW they are going to scream to have the right taken away when they had no idea it existed in the first place!!

    This is not the way to get a law established granting law abiding citizens the right to carry their weapons while concealed. Did SOMEONE in this ragtag group of people consult with a marketing or public relations expert and ask for their advice BEFORE tripping over themselves to get on TV? It certainly doesn’t look like it and before one makes the case of the “common man” taking their cause to the people make sure you understand you get only one chance to make a first impression. Nobody that has taken the helm in making the case on TV or radio has come across as being “professional” OR organized to the point where the MAJORITY of our society trusts or believes that they are doing anything different than a fringe group of NRA whack jobs would. In this liberal environment it was NOT the correct way at putting forth their agenda to the people. I’m disappointed they didn’t really think this thing through as a difference COULD have been made had they taken the time and used their collective minds a lot better.

  6. Martin, it is an established fact that perps go for the easy target. Only the uninitiated will argue that point. It will be rare stat that anyone with weapon on hip will be accosted. It will also be just as unlikely that anyone within range of an OC’r will be accosted.

    I’m a believer in the common sense idea that those that OC make us all safer (I do not OC). And even considering the fact that it is likely that at some point poor judgment by an OC’r is likely to imperil an innocent, in the end the innocent are in peril anyway at the hands of the bad guys. Taken for what it is worth, my hard money says that in areas where OC has a large enough presence, street crime offenses will diminish. Perps will go to the areas that are unarmed– where the perps’ chance of getting hurt are far less. It maybe true that the best defense is awareness. But a weapon on the hip of a skilled shooter is probably just as strong.

    We already know that gun laws do not curtail crime. My hope is that the OC’rs realize the mortal responsibility they accept and take upon their shoulders– and know that any OC’r that makes that mistake of judgement and hurts an innocent should be legally hammered as any perp would.

  7. Open carry is a good idea.

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  8. mason Avatar

    i open carry i started when i was old enough when i was 10 i wacthed my dad get shot and now i carry a colt m1911 a2

  9. Atleast the woman making the unnecessary 911 call said magazine and not clip