Sig Sauer P250 2SUM Contest


New from SIG SAUER, the P250 2SUM!

You can now get complete out-of-the-box versatility with the SIG SAUER P250 2SUM. This offer provides you with a full-size P250, ideal for duty, home defense or sport, and all the components to rapidly convert it to the P250 Subcompact, a perfect conceal carry gun.

Two Glocks $1,200, Two M&P’s $1,160, Two XD’s $1,090, 2SUM from SIG, HUNDREDS LESS!

Enter the sweepstakes at – HERE

There is an auction right now on Gunbroker where this package is going for $725 (BuyNow Price).. that seems like a damn good deal (if you don’t win the package in the Contest :P)

HatTip: SayUncleBlog