Ruger 10/22 to M249 SAW stock conversion kit


Yes, thats a Ruger 10/22 inside there!  If nothing else, this would definitely turn some heads at the range.

There are two different stock options.. one with the fixed stock (shown above) and the para collapsible stock (shown below)


  • Main Body Construction: Metal.

  • Carrying handle: Polymer.

  • Heat Shield: top barrel heat shield/ vent.

  • Front carry handle: 3 position selection lock.

  • Bi Pod: Made of steel & 3 position height adj.

  • Front sight post: Adjustable up & down.

  • Back sights: fully adjustable.


Price – $420 with free shipping (Ruger 10/22 not included)

Available at Tactical Image Guys – HERE


51 responses to “Ruger 10/22 to M249 SAW stock conversion kit”

  1. Michael Etchison Avatar
    Michael Etchison

    great detail….just to pricey. 250.00 or so and you couldn’t keep them in stock. My little Arch-Angle is one of my best shooting weapons and one of the best times building it.

  2. billy lockard Avatar
    billy lockard

    your stupid if you think the m249 is the saw. cause its not the 240 bravo is the saw

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      it’s “you’re” … and by the way you’re the stupid one. The m249 is the SAW, thanks for coming out though.

      1. RakkasanOZ Avatar

        What a limp dick POG! The saw is the M249.

      2. 12 Years in the Army… Agreed… the M249 is the saw. That guy’s retarded…

      3. JarHead Jeff Avatar
        JarHead Jeff

        ENDO-Mike and TalOnyx…. Gentlemen you are Absolutely Correct

        I was a M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) GUNNER in the United States Marine Coprs… it is a belt fed or Magazine Fed, air cooled, gas-operated light machine gun firing the 5.56mm NATO round. I do believe Mr. Lockard is referring that the M240G (which replaced the M-60) which is belt-fed ONLY from a disintegrating belt of M13 links, it is an air cooled, gas-operated medium machine guns that is chambered in 7.62×51mm NATO round.

    2. you are truly stupid

    3. Negative, the 5.56, M249 is the squad automatic weapon, Google it you F#$%!!!!!


    5. Sam Campbell Avatar
      Sam Campbell

      Billy your wrong the M249 is the saw. Google it. And yes I have been a saw gunner

      1. Michael Bender Avatar
        Michael Bender

        With all due respect i am Sorry my friend, I am a master gunner in the United States army, and Master gunner meaning I went to master gunnery school, my mos is 11bravo, and air assault qualified, i have one and a half combat deployments behind my belt so I’ve been around these fire arms once or twice in the few years I served My primary weapon system was my M-249 saw, secondary was my m9 9mm and I was primary operator on a a m2 crewserved weapons system. It’s a saw, we called the 240 a pig but that was just in my unit man. If you wanna learn join the military but respectfully you sound stupid,

        1. Old Marine Avatar
          Old Marine

          Who cares what it’s called as long as it throws lead accurately and has a better firing rate than the enemy. Kind of leary of fall apart belts because needs loading rig.

    6. Mr. Roy Jack Jones IV Avatar
      Mr. Roy Jack Jones IV

      Actually, the SAW refers to the M249 and has since 1985 when it was first Introduced as the minimi in Belgium. The 240 series didn’t come out till much later. The name was stolen from the M249 and given to the 240.

    7. Another guy Avatar
      Another guy

      Ur dumb

    8. Actually in the army Avatar
      Actually in the army

      Just stop.

    9. The M-249 is the Squad Automatic Weapon.

  3. ScottyBoy Avatar

    Nice Very Very Nice looks like real fun tactical shooting. but is there a way to put a grip on it?

  4. A. Martinez Avatar
    A. Martinez

    Obviously someone who either is an “Airsoft Warrior”, POG or never served.. The M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) and the M-240 Golf is what we had in the Marine… Get your Nomenclature straight before you start flapping your gums..

  5. Way to pricey, 250 and i would have this already, but 600? I’ll stick with my archangel. Still want one though

  6. gunguy2000 Avatar

    The 249 and 240 b can both and have been implementad as a saw (squad automatic weapon) there is not one gun that is a saw. Saw is not the name of a specific gun its a classification for a typically fully automatic rifle. example a fully auto ar could be called a saw in certain situations if it was needed to play that role. My experience 8 yrs infantry and a lifetime of gun research andkowlege.

    1. gunguy2000, not sure why you are attempting to argue semantics here. Technically, yes, SAW does stand for squad automatic weapon. BUT, if someone asks you, “what was your TO weapon?”, and you were to answer, “the SAW”, everyone who has ever served knows you are referring to the M249.

      I was an 0352, in a heavy weapons platoon, composed of CAAT teams. Never once, NOT EVER, did one of our 0331’s refer to the M240G as the SAW.

      1. gunguy200 Avatar

        yes i understand that the go to saw is typically a 249 but just stating for the argument above that both the 240 or 249 could be a saw so no point in getting heated about the subject everyone play nice and enjoy tricking your 10/22!

  7. CRAWDUDE Avatar

    M-240B Machine Gun

    Additional Media


    Deter, and if necessary, repel adversaries by enabling individuals and small units to engage targets with accurate, lethal, direct automatic fire.

    Entered Army Service


    Description and Specifications

    A ground-mounted, gas-operated, crew-served machine gun. This reliable 7.62mm machine gun delivers more energy to the target than the smaller caliber M-249 SAW. It is being issued to infantry, armor, combat engineer, special force/rangers, and selected field artillery units that require medium support fires and will replace the ground-mounted M-60 series machine guns currently in use.
    Caliber: 7.62 mm
    Weight: 27.6 lbs
    Max. Effective Range: 1800 m (area target) 800 m (point target)
    Rate of Fire: 200-600 rounds per minute


    FN Manufacturing (Columbia, SC)

  8. yes military lingo the saw = m249

    I love how non-military people love to arm chair general things they have no flippin idea about….

  9. gunguy2000 Avatar

    i love how people in the military think they know alot about firearms because they are in the military and only know what they have been taught by military which is just the tip of the iceberg on the subject. im still currently active duty btw

    1. Always1st Avatar

      Perhaps you would like to elaborate genius. BAR, maybe the Thompson, almost the M-14 . was there ever another SAW or just the need for one. The 240 is most certainly not a SAW. If i strapped a chain gun to your ass and kicked you out the door, would you still call it a SAW ?

    2. I’m a 91F, (SMALL ARMS AND ARTILLERY REPAIRMAN) And the 249 is the S.A.W. HANDS DOWN, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, I can fwd you the link for the -10 operators manual if you like….

  10. Always1st Avatar

    God bless John Moses Browning

  11. Looks great though I wonder if someone can come up with something that also simulates the box mag typically used in it.

  12. SCgunner Avatar

    Dude lower the price …… it looks great but after buying the gun 200$ the kit 400$ and a magazine that makes it look legit….. your looking at a 700$ 22cal rifle. If lowered id buy…

  13. jason11-b Avatar

    I’ve been an 11-b for the past 8 years. And a m249 nickname is the saw. And the m240 is known as the b!t#h. And if you didn’t know, m4 is known as the pee shooter. Now you know

  14. […] it hard seeing that as an EBR? Check this one! OMG! Until you realize, same gun, different […]

  15. M249 , M240 Mk19 m19 40mikmix is a squad auto weapon how about we call it a saw. In WWII mg42 was hitlers buzzsaw which developed to others but basically all belt fed auto loaders are given the SAW the 249 stands out cause most widely used.Would like to see some in 80&120mikmix

    1. killrob Avatar

      if you are going to say that the mg42 was designated a “SAW” you are mistaken it was designated a light machine gun. it was called Hitler’s buzzsaw because it could easily cut down the enemy and sounded like a buzzsaw when fired.

    2. ThatGuyT Avatar

      Ok this is ALL f*ckered up. M249=SAW, M240G=machine gun, Mk19=GRENADE LAUNCHER, M19=I have no f*cking clue what you were trying to say, and 40MikeMike=again, GRENADE LAUNCHER!!

  16. I think this looks like a great product! Do you have many in stock.

  17. i thought the chain saw was a saw^^^ :P

  18. If I put my Leupold H.A.M.R. on one of these mock-up SAWs, does that mean I’m a carpenter?

    Billy, everything in the M240 family is classified as a medium machine gun. Veterans tend to be a freedom-loving sort, so there’ll be a number of us out here on these gun sites.

    Another thing we have in common is universal disdain for those who too rapidly promulgate data from their intra-rectal knowledge repositories.

    Just trying to help you out: Your ignorance does not offend me in any way. It gives me hope, in fact. You see, my kids won’t have any trouble competing for resources amidst your ilk as they grow.

  19. Toufel Hunden Avatar
    Toufel Hunden

    In the Marine Corps we call it the M240G. M249 SAW is what this stock is replicating, that is badd azz, too bad it doesn’t come in the 240 version!! nice work!!

  20. JusRay Avatar

    Too old to argue……….’69-’71 LRRP…….Saw was a lifesaver————whatever it was, it was a lifesaver……………

  21. I want one

  22. Hell after umpteen plus 20 years I know the Saw…the pig…the bitch…the pea shooter…..the Law….the Dragon and the 8 inch Howitzer and the Palladin not to mention the MLRS…Ma Duece Rules for blowing assholes apart!

  23. Brandon Avatar

    Ok so hiw can I really buy this cuz tactical image guys is like not even a website .

  24. Can a drop in gem tech bull barrel suppressor be used with this kit?

  25. ok nice….how about the box magazine i see some with? is there an option somewhere?

  26. JarHead Jeff Avatar
    JarHead Jeff

    I agree with SSGT E…. the Ma Deuce is the shit… or it would not still be around (with a few modifications) since 1933. God Bless John Browning and The United States Marine Corps… and all branches of the United States Military!

    “Sniper Rifles” Global Security Retrieved 2008-03-24.

    When a 24-year old Marine sharpshooter named Carlos Norman Hathcock II chalked up the farthest recorded kill in the history of sniping—2,500 yards (, a distance greater than 22 football fields) in February 1967, he fired a Browning M2 .50 Cal. Machine Gun. This was a record which stood until 2002, when it was broken in Afghanistan by Canadian Army sniper Arron Perry.

  27. Dave Carlson Avatar
    Dave Carlson

    Is the 10/22 M249 Conversion kit from ENDO still available?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      This isn’t an ENDO conversion kit. You’ll have to check out the link in the post and ask the company that makes it.

  28. Lunarpig Avatar

    Bottom line it’s a 10/22 I have the MG 42 version kit. It was $99 the price on this kit is really too high I think. It’s mean looking but my MG42 is too. If I had the bucks yeah I’d buy one, but it’s a replica really why the fighting over the designation. Don’t like don’t buy, like buy enjoy. Semper Fi

  29. John Reynolds Avatar
    John Reynolds

    Is the M249 conversion kit still available?. I was a saw gunner in the Marines and I like make my Ranger 10/22 to look like the M249 saw.