Gun Shaped Vodka Bottles



Kalashnikov Vodka

Apparently this “limited” release vodka and souvenir AK-47 shaped bottle has been around for a while.  Today was the first time I had ever seen or heard of it.

It comes in a cardboard box, with a wooden carrying case inside (pictured).  The bottle itself contains 1 liter of vodka, and attached is a dog tag with a number (1-13000) representing the ID number of your bottle.

The bottle would definitely be a neat collectors item.  A google search yeilds no clear results on the price or where it’s available stateside.

More info at the Kalashnikov Vodka website – HERE and HERE








TommyGunVodka1Tommy Guns Vodka

The bottle in this case of course is shaped like a Tommy gun.  It is readily available in the US for around $50.

More info at the Tommy Guns Vodka website – HERE


If you are reading this and you live in Canada… it’s not a good idea to point a bottle of either one of these at the police.  You will be arrested.

EDMONTON — Edmonton police say they’ve arrested a 24-year-old suspect after a man pointed what turned out to be a machine gun-shaped liquor bottle at an officer conducting a traffic stop Friday night.Around 11 p.m., police say a second officer noticed a man in a nearby house pointing what looked like a long barreled gun at the officer doing the traffic stop.

More officers were called in and the home was surrounded.

Several people inside the house eventually surrendered peacefully.

Police then discovered that it wasn’t a real weapon that had been pointed at the officer – it was a liquor bottle made in the shape of a gun.

Jessie Shamarchi Petrin, 24, was charged with possession of an imitation weapon dangerous to the public peace.

Source – – HERE


16 responses to “Gun Shaped Vodka Bottles”

  1. Sgt W King Avatar
    Sgt W King

    My wife almost bought me one of those Ak Vodka sets while she was in Russia, but she says they were very cost prohibitive. She says not only is the bottle very nice, but the vodka inside is very high quality (I argued that I can get “high quality vodka” in the form of isopropyl from my work.) I’ll ask her when I get home if she recalls the exact price or price range.

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Cool, yea I’d be interested in finding out the price if she remembers.

      LOL isopropyl vodka.. yea that would definitely do the trick :P

  2. Maria Harrison Avatar
    Maria Harrison

    Where can you find vodka in design gun bottle in Washington, DC area?

  3. judy beeghly Avatar
    judy beeghly

    I live in topeka kansas and i would like to know where i can buy the tommy gun vodka bottle for my boyfriend

  4. […] to sell a mediocre vodka at a premium price because of unique packaging (we’re looking at you, vodka in a bottle shaped like a gun) it’s at least much less distressing than drinking vodka poured into an actual human’s skull, […]

  5. Paul adams Avatar
    Paul adams

    I have a bottle of the extremely rare Kalashnikov vodka available. Boxed and untouched. Pretty much unavailable worldwide. Number 3474 of 13,000 made in 2006. An Australian company have emailed me saying that in 2010 it’s uk price if available would be around £450 so god knows what it’s worth now.

  6. David A Welton Avatar
    David A Welton

    where can i find the tommy gun vodka in the Detroit Michigan area



  7. Susan Flowers Avatar
    Susan Flowers

    I’m looking to purchase a vodka AK bottle and would like to see a picture and price please.

  8. I have a bottle for sale

    1. Like to buy call me 714 217 2359

  9. I would like to refill my Tommy Gun bottle. Does anyone know how to remove the top pourer.

  10. I have a bottle of the Kalashnikov vodka in the AK bottle, wooden box it comes in. Bottle still sealed. The dog tag number is 12. Anyone have an idea of the worth?

    1. Jim Covington Avatar
      Jim Covington

      Do you still have the AK bottle, and would you sell it?

      1. I do still have it. Still haven’t found a price.

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  12. Matthew Jones Avatar
    Matthew Jones


    I am based in Norwich UK and i have this bottle with a dog tag 3,599 i got this when in I was in Russia a few years ago given to me as a present.
    If you would like photos please contact me