Canada one step closer to getting rid of long gun registry


OTTAWA –A long-running effort by the Conservatives to kill the long-gun registry has passed an important hurdle in the House of Commons, with a majority voting for the first time in 14 years to study a bill to repeal it.

MPs voted 164-137 to give “second reading” — or “approval-in-principle” – to a private member’s bill sponsored by MP Candice Hoeppner (Portage-Lisgar) that calls for the repeal of legal requirements to register long-barrelled rifles and shotguns.

Still a ways to go though:

The vote late Wednesday now sends the bill to a committee for more study. It could die in committee, or be amended as long as changes adhere to the spirit of the bill. But generally, a bill that passes “second reading” may not be completely re-written to contradict its original intent.

Source – The Toronto Star – HERE