Why You Shouldn’t Show Anti Gun Signs


I believe the same could be said about signs and stickers that advertise that you have guns.


Hat Tip: TalkFirearmsOnline Blog – HERE


3 responses to “Why You Shouldn’t Show Anti Gun Signs”

  1. David Million Avatar
    David Million

    We would like to purchase the above funny anti-gun pictures! #1 neighbor has no gun……. & no gun allowed sign on door cartoon sign!! also looking for “this home protected five nights a week you pick the night!!!! Would like to purchase few or more and frame as gifts!!! My email is ” [email protected]

    1. Admin (Mike) Avatar
      Admin (Mike)

      Hi David, I’m not sure where you can get a signs like those. Have you tried googleing?

  2. I believe the sign shows the lack of brains of the author. Guns are a very valuable commodity in the underworld even more than a flat television, smart phone and so on. Announcing to the world that you have guns in your house is like telling every crook in town that you want to get robbed. If I were the next door neighbor, I would put a sign that reads:
    Next door neighbor besides owing guns, he also owns, two plasmas, ipad, a watch collection, blue rays and safe full of one hundred dollar bills. If you want to visit him, he’s ONLY home after 1700, don’t come in between the hours of 0800 and 1500 because NOBODY’s home.