Student vigilante group looking for trouble with their guns

SEATTLE – A group of University Of Washington students are being called vigilantes after they armed themselves with handguns and tried to set up patrols on University Avenue and other areas around campus where students have been attacked over the past year.

I hope this works out for them, but without any training at all, walking around looking for trouble just spells disaster in my mind.  I can just picture someone trying to mug one of them and the entire street gets lit up because one of those hot shots in the video that’s all amped up with a hunger for revenge decides to pull out his concealed weapon and proceeds to dump the mag, bullets flying in every direction.

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3 responses to “Student vigilante group looking for trouble with their guns”

  1. Greg Patterson Avatar
    Greg Patterson

    Good idea but,… get proper IDPA training first, then educate, get more police involvement. They are not police so just go about your normal affairs and carry. When you set a good example others follow suit.

  2. This looks like an extremely bad idea. By their own admission this is two guys who are tired of being the little guy and are now basically out looking for trouble. Concealed weapon + no training + looking for trouble = BIG TROUBLE. Walking around with those pistols stuffed down the front of their pants like they showed in the video… I can just imagine them sending a round into their own thigh like that moron NFL player did. I hope they haven’t inspired anyone else to be so reckless.

    1. No kidding! I cringed when I saw him shove it in his pants.