Bushmaster Ad in Maxim

Good to see gun advertising going more mainstream:

BushmasterMaximHat tip:  SaysUncle Blog


2 responses to “Bushmaster Ad in Maxim”

  1. Gus Halberg Avatar
    Gus Halberg

    This is disgusting.

    Kids died so someone could feel like a real man.

    But it’s all about being macho. Bet you thought Hummers were cool, too.

    But guns don’t kill people. People kill people, right?

    Newsflash: people with guns kill people.

    I saw this ad on a liberal blog and wasn’t sure it was real. But, you, macho man, have confirmed it for me.

    Yeah. Flipping marvelous to see it. Excuse me. I gotta go puke.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea, because all gun owners are mentally deranged killers *eye roll*. As much as you hate guns, you must really hate tobacco and alcohol considering how many more people they kill annually over guns. Not to even mention around 1/2 of the “gun deaths” are suicides.