SWAT training for Boy Scouts


The training, which leaders say is not intended to be applied outside the simulated Explorer setting, can involve chasing down illegal border crossers as well as more dangerous situations that include facing down terrorists and taking out “active shooters,” like those who bring gunfire and death to college campuses. In a simulation here of a raid on a marijuana field, several Explorers were instructed on how to quiet an obstreperous lookout.

I didn’t realize that programs like this were offered in Boy Scouts.  I thought it was simply more mainstream activities such as camping and survival techniques etc.

The full story on the NY Times website – HERE


One response to “SWAT training for Boy Scouts”

  1. My dad was stationed at Kadena AFB Okinawa when I was a kid, so that’s where I was lucky enough to start Boy Scouts, 1970-73. I can’t even BEGIN to describe what a joy it was for a red blooded American boy to get to Summer Camp in a sho’nuff Asian jungle. And while my experience didn’t quite rise to the level of SWAT training I WAS taught some interesting things. We were taught to shoot a number of different weapons, when we played capture the flag we absoLUTELY played capture the damn FLAG and, given the years I was there and the fact all of our Scoutmasters were active duty military, I’m the only guy I know who can say he was taught Escape From Controlled Custody by Army Rangers at Boy Scout summer camp. BIG fun!