AK Type Magazine Identification Chart

This appears to be a very comprehensive reference:



5 responses to “AK Type Magazine Identification Chart”

  1. Redchrome Avatar

    Wow. I’ve never seen the 90-round AK-74 flat-drum SAW mag.

    Pisses me off that we can’t find some of those mags in this country.

    Also pisses me off to no end that we’re so stuck on the broken-by-design AR15 mag, all in the name of backwards compatibility with a magwell designed for a 20-round straight mag. (Actually a 25-round straight mag that didn’t work well).

    The more you look at the engineering of it, the more you realize what a mechanical genius Kalashnikov was.

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  3. Tracy William Young Avatar
    Tracy William Young

    I just a few days ago acquired a Chinese 100 Round Drum. If anyone knows this… How rare are they and how much is it worth?

  4. Edward Neal Avatar
    Edward Neal

    Is there a 75 round extending mag for the micro Draco?