Entry Tactical Derringer

Damn, where’s the bayonet?



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  1. […] : "226154" }); document.write(''); Here is the pistol im totally using for self defense Entry Tactical Derringer __________________ Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your […]

  2. In Outlaw Justice, Willie Nelson as Lee Walker had a gold plated double derringer with pearl grips hidden in the water while taking a bath that he takes out and sets aside after Travis Tritt as Sheriff Dalton walked out of the bathhouse. Towards the end, Sancho Gracia as Holden Bonnie used a similar derringer to shoot Chad Willet as Bryce Naylor right before Bryce stabbed Holden with a knife that was given to him by Kris Kristofferson as Jesse Ray Torrance