Rock River Arms Chuck Norris custom serial number

I just saw this HERE on gunbroker:

A brand new Rock River Arms Elite A4,chambered in 5.56/.223, Custom lightweight 16″ 1-9″ twist barrel, 6 position stock, two stage match trigger, 30 round mag, Dominator 2 rear sight, winter trigger guard, badger tac latch, side sling swivel and hard case. This custom serial number is CHUCK NORR1S. We had to use a digit in the serial number so the I is a (one). Be the only kid on the block to have a gun so cool it doesn’t even need bullets. The mere sight of this rifle makes people quiver……it what makes bad guys just stay home. No shipping charges and no creidt card fees. Good Luck.

The lower:



Facts about Chuck Norris – HERE


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  1. Why did you not use a zero instead of the O in Norris that would have looked very cool.


    In the UK lieghweight means someone who cant hold their drink and we all know that Chuck norris doesn’t get drunk, Alcohol gets chuck’d. So you cant use the word Leightweight in the same sentence as Chuks name