The Tactical War Kilt

It appears to be around $200 depending on the options you want.

A must have for the tactical Scotsman.  Available in Multicam, ACU, DCU, ABU, Black, and I’m guessing whatever custom color/pattern you want.   Pretty cool how it has built in MOLLE webbing, mag pouches etc..  I still wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of these, but by the looks of the guys that do wear these, you wouldn’t want to laugh at them!




Order info and more pictures at the Needle Pimp – HERE


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  3. Chuck Finley Avatar
    Chuck Finley

    Looks like a damn dress to me.

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  5. Looks badass to me. Warriors have had kilt-like styles for ages, from Viking and Roman belted tunics to Scottish kilts and the contemporary utilitarian kilts. Why should men relinquish the versatility of such a comfortable and breathable garment? It’s rhetorical; We shouldn’t. If you can’t hang, you aren’t fit to wear a kilt or the like. Real men do whatever the hell works best for them. The rest bitch.

  6. David page Avatar

    I agree with it looks bad ass, and not only did warriors wear them, but Jesus also ware them