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  1. Hello, Does anyone know if Spielberg kept it real and included Mexican Americans in this Mini-Series? They were one of the most decrorated minorities in in the Pacific during WWII! Don’t believe me ,then you haven’t been reading your history books nor maybe, don’t care to. Hollywood has for a half century, ignored this group in all their movies to date, and still regard them as the same people who mow their lawns, garden their flowers and clean their unkept mansions. We as proud Americans side and feel remorse for what happened to all the Jews during WWII. Do you think you could do us a solid by including us in the Series as we were a part of winning the war in Europe and in the Pacific and releasing thousands from internment camps in both arenas? My dad proudly served his country along with his friends and is in a cemetary in Normany! Sincerely, Anthony Garcia (Vietnam Veteran)

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      Admin (Mike)

      Hi Anthony,
      Thank you for your service.

      I have not seen The Pacific yet, actually I don’t even know if it started on HBO yet. Spielberg seems to do his homework though, so hopefully he included everyone.

  2. F*ck the mexicans. wahtever they did during the war does not deserve the free rights they are being given now